Hype Bag question


Mar 23, 2008
Hello fellow bagnistas,

Over the summer I bought the Pigalle Hype bag from a small boutique in my area. After only a week of having the bag, one of the decorative handles (by the strap) popped out. The boutique was nice enough to exchange the bag.

I was happy until about two weeks ago when two more handles popped out. Boy was I pissed. I think it's a flaw in the design because I made sure not to pack the bag with a lot of stuff after the first time. I can't return the bag to the boutique for another exchange because two much time has gone by. I tried to find Hype's business info online, but have had no luck, I've only been able to find information on stores who sell Hype bags.

Does anyone know how I can contact information for the company? If not, I guess I will have to try to see if my shoemaker can fix the problem.