Hype? any good? just got one bluefly sale!

  1. I bought a Hype bag in yellow and I like it a lot. It's a pretty pale yellow.
  2. i love hype bags... i have 3! the leather is really nice and they're just as nice as high-end designer bags!
  3. Any modeling pics?
  4. I have a dark burgandy crinkled patent Hype hobo that I bought at TJMaxx and have been using it a lot since it's been raining here and I don't want to soak a more expensive bag and it's holding up well! Zippers are stiff, but it's a well-made bag for the money.
  5. I like Hype bags: very functional and soft leather. I own 2.
  6. thanks i just love it!
  7. Theres a hype bag on bluefly that I am eyeing right now but I already have a few other ones in the mail. I think I'll wait until I see those before I buy another one lol.
  8. cute! congratulations!