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  1. How many different types of hybrids are there? It would be cool to see a picture of yours if you have one :yes:
  2. As far as I know hybrids come in 3 sizes, E/W, 225 and 227. 4 Colors: Red, off white, black, brown
  3. Here's my medium black hybrid. I love it!!!!
    DSCN0597.JPG DSCN0598.JPG
  4. Here is my hybrid. Black and in the 228 size (approx 14 x 9.8)
  5. What is the difference between a hybrid and a classic and a reissue?

  6. Hi Harley, I was going to point you to the sticky about this subject, but I see that you have already posted there, so I'm assuming that you have already read through the thread and are still confused. (Please correct me if I am mistaken)

    I guess the best I can tell you, is that in general, the "classic flap" would be the familiar quilted flap with the interwoven leather chain strap and the cc closure. The reissue has a different type of all metal chain that is either aged gold or silver (but this chain is not to be confused with the "new" (also called "bijoux") chain which is also all metal, but only comes in silver and is different in texture. The reissue also has the mademoiselle rectangle closure, and is made of distressed calfskin which makes the bag look aged (even if it is metallic). The hybrid bags, are a combination of the 2 with the same interwoven chain as the "classic flap", or the new/bijoux chain but has the mademoiselle lock. Some SAs don't use the terms we use here, as we have coined some of them here on the forum just to keep everything straight (ie Baby Cabas). The reissue is usually only used by SAs in reference to the true reissue bags which were the anniversary editions produced in 2005, but many use or understand this term in reference to the subsequent 2.55 bags (although some consider the 2.55 to be an umbrella term for ALL flaps!)

    Still confused? I don't blame you! But I hope I helped some!

  7. You are very insightful - yes I am totally confused - and I own over 20 chanels!! Thanks for your explanation!! Helps a lot!! I am just not going to ever ask an SA again!!
  8. What's the official name for these, please? I'm guessing it's not Classic Flap or 2.55?
  9. how much does that 228 cost?

  10. LOL! They are soooooo cute!! I want one of each! :p
  11. Here is my white washed caviar jumbo flap (same size as jumbo classic flap) with bijou chain and mademoiselle lock.

    Rachel Bilson has a bag that looks like this one, but hers has the double flap (like the reissue), whereas mine has a single flap like the classic!!!