Hybrid or Not ????

  1. I was in NM today picking up something totally insane which I will post for everyones amusement tomorrow.

    But while there I noticed a glazed lambskin leather flap with the M/M closure and the traditional chain (interwoven with leather)....would this be considered a Hybrid or not ?

    And if not what is it.??..because it did not have the same chain as commonly associated with the reissues, again the chain was as that of a classic but yet a M/M lock.

  2. I think you are talking about the distress lambskin with a glaze/sheen? I got the Jumbo then returned it, kinda pricey I thought. $2695!!
  3. uchhhh I am IN love with the bag you are talking about!!! It's like a distressed metallic looking black. I wanted it but thought the price was too high for a medium flap. I think it retails something like 2,350.....
  4. Thanks ladies..

    Yes, the price was $2,3?? it was something like a 226 size or so and it was a brown color...so it is not a reissue and not a hybrid....just a distressed glaze...
  5. perhaps it's a lambskin hybrid?
    sounds yummy though! I haven't seen one IRL but I've kept myself away from the boutiques and by extension out of trouble ;)
  6. ^^ Smart of you! LOL!:p
    I need to stay away too.

  7. Hi Purrrfect, I know which bag you are talking about, but I am not sure if that should be called Hybrid or reissue. However, I have read a thread originated by shopgirl bb, called 'All about Chanel' (see link below)

    and post# 4 describes it as 'orignal 2.55 by Coco Chanel.' I further confirmed with shopgirl bb (a real nice tpfer to answer my answer :smile:) and she mentioned on post # 37 that the magazine describes that bag as '2.55 made in 1963.'
    Yes, that bag should retail for $2395.
  8. Haha...when I first saw this bag in mid-September, I instantly fell in love with the look of this brown 'Hybrid / reissue.' I tried so hard myself to stay away from it and passed on it a couple of times when in NM. But I failed ... :shame: eventually, I went back to NM and got this bag in black color during pre-sale of double point event.
    Too bad, I so much wanted the brown one, but when I decided to get it, there was only a brown display left. Now, I start to like my black one though :rolleyes: :lol: .
  9. Oh hi, Could you post some modelling pics? ... I don't think we have any on the forum yet... I'm sure alot of us would love to see it..TIA

  10. I think that the artist known as BTParty has this bag, as has one other person who has posted modelling pics...I'll try to find them.It's distressed and glazed lambskin with mm lock and classic chain.

    I'm exchanging my Albatross Big Baby Cabas for this bag tomorrow.


    It's 1910 euros, btw.(the jumbo) I paid 1650 euros for a jumbo classic flap in May.

    I also want to see more of this bag; I've been trawling this forum for it for a week and posted a thread about it,which no-one replied to:crybaby:.

    Is this the bag?


    According to my SA the straps are a bit shorter than the classic jumbo; more the length of the bijou chain straps.
  11. Savannah, didn't you love it enough?
  12. Hmm...thanks for posting, I like it that it's flatter than the usual Timeless classic flap, but it doesn't look as shiny... the leather seems hard... is it IRL?
  13. i haven't seen it yet lol. but according to my sa it is shinier than the jumbo. it's glazed. maybe this poster's bag was yet another variation?:wtf:

    and i would expect distressed lambskin to be soft...i will tell you tomorrow if no-one else does in the meantime.;)
  14. Great!... congrats...can't wait ;)
  15. Sounds like this one to me: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260173207305&indexURL=0&photoDisplayType=2#ebayphotohosting