Hybrid Flap

  1. Hi,

    Can someone please tell me where I can find photos of the hybrid flap? And what are your opinions on it? TIA!
  2. Here are some pics;also if you do a search under ''hybrid" and you'll come up with much info on it:yes: !
  3. Thanks so much! I was also wondering what you guys thought of this as compared to the classic flap...
  4. I personally prefer the classic flap. :yes: That's just me though.
  5. Here's mine. I love the soft almost puffy leather on this bag, and I love how the chain is a darkened silver. I have only one classic flap in jumbo caviar, and I can't really compare them because they are very different. I love the flap style, so virtually any flap can appeal to me!

  6. To me is the is the edgy/modern version of the classic flap;)
  7. I know this is a 07A bag but I was wondering if any of you lovely ladies knew if the Hybrid flap ever went on sale? I know the retail is $2275. TIA!
  8. What size? I think the jumbo was about $3000.
  9. Here is a pic of my brown jumbo hybrid flap. I love it! Its soft and squishy yet structured. I also love the shorter chain strap.

  10. the white and brown may have gone on sale but i know the black didn't because it sold out long before the sales. one thing i prefer about this bag over the classic is that the chain is much shorter so i can wear it crossbody.
  11. The medium retailed for $2275. Also, is the chain heavy? :smile:

    kicksarefortwids, do you recall how much % off they were on sale? TIA!