Hybrid Cars ?

  1. We dont own a car at the moment, but my husband said he will be buying one this year,and it has to be a Hybrid.

    Do you drive a Hybrid Car ? Do you have any interest in these new models ?
  2. We just bought a Toyota Prius a couple weeks ago. It is so much fun and very interesting. I'll tell you a little bit about it since there are some things people don't know.
    1.) It does not need to be "plugged in", the electric part of the engine actually charges while you are driving.
    2.) The oil only needs to be changed every 5-6k miles.
    3.) The start up on the Prius is interesting, you actually press down on the brake and press the "Start" button. The start up is REALLY quiet.
    4.) It gets about 45-60 Miles to the Gallon depending on where I'm driving. You can actually hear it smoothly transfer over to electric while you are driving. It's startling cause you almost feel like it turned off.
    This is what mine looks like, It's a 2004 Prius Hybrid with Navigation System.
  3. let me share with you my experience from being in the car business for so long. The Hybrid car is the biggest scam and is absolutly brilliant. Let me explain:

    You pay a couple thousand more for a car that is a Hybrid rather than a regular gasoline nothing special engine.

    You get, according to the sticker, so many more miles to the gallon when in reality it's not actually that high because most people will drive above 45mph (highway), never sit in traffic, use "pure" unleaded gas. You don't actually achieve the suggested gas milage.

    You get a tax break.......only the first year of ownership.

    It takes approx. 7-10 years to break even to actually say you are saving money on gas by purchasing a Hybrid.

    You sacrifice horsepower and torque.
  4. ^ Yeah I've heard about that on TV the other day. It's sad, because it's a good idea with good intentions but it's not worth it, at least not yet. :noworry: What about the Smart though? Is it better than the other hybrid cars? ​
  5. If you are purchasing a hybrid to save money, it simply wouldn't make sense unless gas was $3.75 a gallon or more. However, anyone that is purchasing a hybrid is generally purchasing it for other benefits it offers. And the benefits are MANY.


    1.) The GREAT benefits to the environment. Hybrids emit 97% less toxins emissions into the environment and HALF as much greenhouse-causing carbon dioxide into the environment as their comparable counterparts....See the charts below :
    Carbon dioxide is the dominant greenhouse gas that causes global warming. The effects of global warming are uncertain, but they potentially include disruption of global weather patterns and ecosystems, flooding, severe storm, and droughts. Sample comparison (based on 14k miles per year/EPA ratings):
    2005 Toyota Camry
    3.0L, 6 Automatic

    2004 Toyota Prius
    1.5L, 4 CVT

    11,100 pounds
    of Carbon Dioxide per year
    4,800 pounds
    of Carbon Dioxide per year​

    Carbon monoxide, when inhaled, combines with hemoglobin in our blood, impairing the flow of oxygen to our brain and other parts of the body. Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless, and poisonous even to healthy people (at high levels in the air). It can seriously affect people with heart disease, and can affect the central nervous system. Motor vehicles remain the number one source of carbon monoxide pollution in many countries. Sample comparison (based on 14k miles per year/EPA ratings):
    2005 Cadillac SRX SUV
    3.6L, 6 Automatic
    Bin 5

    2005 Ford Escape Hybrid
    2.3L, 4 CVT
    Bin 4

    330 pounds
    of Carbon Monoxide per year
    230 pounds
    of Carbon Monoxide per year​

    Sulphur oxides contribute to respiratory illness, particularly in children and the elderly, and aggravate existing heart and lung diseases. It contributes to the formation of acid rain, which damages trees, crops, and buildings; and makes soils, lakes, and streams acidic.

    Nitrogen oxide is a noxious pollutant. It is a lung irritant and reacts with compounds in the air to cause acid rain and ozone (the main reason for smog). Nitrogen oxide is one of the main ingredients involved in the formation of ground-level ozone (which can trigger serious respiratory problems), and contributes to global warming. Sample comparison (based on 14k miles per year/EPA ratings):
    2004 Volkwagen Jetta
    1.9L, 4 Automatic
    Bin 10

    2004 Honda Civic Hybrid
    1.3L, 4 CVT
    Bin 9

    49 pounds
    of Nitrogen Oxide per year
    17 pounds
    of Nitrogen Oxide per year​

    Particulate matter, consisting of tiny particles of smoke, soot and dust—primarily from engines, car parts, tires, and diesel exhaust—are an established cause of lung problems, from shortness of breath to worsening of respiratory and cardiovascular disease, damage to lung tissues, and cancer. The EPA estimates that particulate pollution kills more than 60,000 people per year. In addition, particulates are associated with increased hospital admissions and emergency room visits for people with heart and lung disease, as well as work and school absences. Particulates can travel deep into the lungs, or in smaller form, directly into the bloodstream. Sample comparison (based on 14k miles per year/EPA ratings):
    2005 Range Rover
    4.4L, 8 Automatic
    Tier 1

    2005 Honda Accord Hybrid
    3.0L, 6 Automatic

    670 grams
    of Particulate Matter per year
    240 grams
    of Particulate Matter per year​

    Hydrocarbons, in their many forms, are directly hazardous, contributing to what are collectively called "air toxics." These compounds directly irritate the lung and other tissues, can cause cancer, contribute to birth defects, and cause other illnesses. Sample comparison (based on 14k miles per year/EPA ratings):
    2005 Hummer H2
    6.0L, 8 Automatic
    HDT-Bin 11

    2005 Honda Insight
    1.0L, 3 Manual
    Bin 9

    29 pounds
    of Hydrocarbons per year
    8 pounds
    of Hydrocarbons per year​
    Lead damages organs, affects the brains, nerves, heart, and blood. Although overall blood lead levels have decreased since 1976, urban areas with high levels of traffic or industrial facilities that burn fuel may still have high lead levels in air. In 1999, ten areas of the country did not meet the national health-based air quality standards for lead.

    2.) Mileage is noticeably higher. While the EPA rates are inflated, I still get 45-59 MPG when I am driving around. That is significantly higher than my SUV which gets 15 MPG. And official EPA fuel economy numbers are inflated for all cars—not just hybrids.

    3.)There is a federal tax deduction for Hybrid buyers the first year, up to $3800. (There is one for SUV gas-guzzlin' drivers too).

    4.) There are many States that offer Money incentives too. Many cities/states exempt Hybrid buyers from sales tax, parking meter fees, and vehicle inspection responsibilities.
    5.)You can often have a faster commute to work due to the ability to drive Hybrids in carpool lanes in some states.

    6.) Many businesses offer incentives for their employees.
    Here are three examples:
    Employee Incentives Hyperion, a software company based in Santa Clara, Calif., offers their employees $5,000 for the purchase of a hybrid. The company has committed over $1 million a year toward the hybrid purchase incentive, enough for 250 of the company’s 2,500 employees to make a painless shift from gas-guzzler to gas-electric.
    Google applies its spirit of innovation to the arena of green transportation, with its "Fuel-Efficient Vehicle Incentive Program." The company offers its full-time U.S.-based employees a $5,000 subsidy toward the purchase of a vehicle with an EPA fuel economy rating of 45 mpg or higher. Google contributes $2,500 toward leased vehicles.
    Patagonia is giving up to $2,000 to workers who buy hybrids or alternative fuel cars.

    7.) Many Insurance Companies offer discounts.
    Travelers, the second largest writer of auto and homeowners insurance through independent agents, offers a 10 percent discount on auto insurance for hybrid owners

    8.) Many clubs offer their members a discount:

    9.) Even hotels offer discounts:
    Hybrid-driving overnight guests at the Fairmont Hotel in San Jose, get free parking. The Argent Hotel in San Francisco cuts their rate for overnight parking in half—from $42.00 to $21.00—for hybrid drivers.
    provide proof of your hybrid ownership at the Little River Inn, on the Mendocino coast three hours north of San Francisco, you only pay for one night of a two-night stay in one of their ocean-view rooms.

    10.) Some Universities offer there students discounts:
    Hybrid-driving students, professors and staff of the University of Miami (Florida) can save up to 50 percent of their parking permit price, which can run up to $352 per year.
  6. I agree, it's more about it's environmental superiority IMO.

    We won't have one until someone comes up w/ a full size SUV! We just have too many kiddos and paraphernalia to tote around for a small or mid-size SUV - they make mid-size hybrid SUVs {like Lexus}, so hopefully soon they'll make some monster ones!
    DH drives a CO car, he won't have one either unless the CO's start offering hybrid fleets.
    Camry has a hybrid this year, that's probably pretty nice.
  7. My daughter's teacher has one and she was explaining how the battery for these cars are REALLY expensive.
  8. It's expensive to replace if it breaks but they are covered fairly extensively and specifically in your manufact. warranty.
    For example mine is:
    10 year 150,000 warranty for the Hybrid Vehicle Battery

    Also, I know people that have driven ones from when they first came out that haven't had to replace their battery.
  9. We have a prius as well, and it has never failed. However there are some downsides, its a new computer so sometimes it fails and the engine quits and you have to take it in. but Toyota resets it for you.

    Its really a great car, recently our screen went dead, out of warranty, and they replaced it! The radio was turning off and on.

    However, if you are considering a hybrid, the prius is the way to go. Its GREAT! Especially with Toyotas support.

    Go for it.
  10. I have a Honda Accord Hybrid and I absolutely love it. I get about 30 mpg (not as high as the Prius), but I also get 255 HP, it is also a V6. It is the only model where the hybrid has more horsepower than the conventional Honda Accord.

    I sit in traffic every day on the freeways. This model is definitely designed to be coasting along the freeways than the stop and go. As far as the battery, its warranty is longer than the entire 7 year bumper to bumper I have for my car.

    How you drive definitely affects what type of mileage you get. The air conditioner affects it too. In fact, lately, my mileage has been going up since I learned this.

    But the best part of it all is that I got a great deal for my hybrid and in the 7 months that I've owned it, it's appreciated in value. Now when does that EVER happen on a brand new car you just buy off the lot?

    Lastly, I wasn't shopping for a hybrid at all. I was looking at a few Lexus, BMW 5 series... and for the cost value, plus the mileage, I still think we made the right choice. I got an entire package, GPS, XM radio, touch screen, voice command and so forth.. and if I can help the environment along the way, Great!

    Good luck! I would definitely testdrive them and see how you like them. My hubby wasn't too crazy about it at first, but once he got the hang of how to maximize acceleration, he loves my car too. :flowers:
  11. You're looking at upwards of $2k
  12. Hmm I forgot to say the mileage we get. Its between 45 and 50, but it appears Honda has a much better warranty service. Ours i by the mile, and it recently expired after 2 years of having it.

    I think any hybrid is a good choice!
  13. I am sure it is a bit more expensive, but I am going to make my purchase as it being better for our environment. I just don't like the models that are out right right now, but I heard that the LExus gs400 will offer hybrid in 2007.
  14. Just bought a Prius for our son . A red one like the one in the photo.We bought it on the condition he got and kept a college scholarship .I think it is a great car .Friends of ours have had 2 hondas with no problems.
  15. Alright, sorry to be a downer, but here's what I hear from my husband the chemist. He says there maybe an increased chance of electricution on impact if there is an accident with hybrids-I believe due to the the electric cells. He got this information from another scientist. They have a different way of thinking.