Hybrid car owners, I need your input!

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  1. I'm in the process of switching to a hybrid. I'm sorta iffy about the way they look but I have to give up looks for the price of having better mpg and a tax break. Which make/model hybrid do you currently have and what are your pros and cons about it? I looked at the prius and the civic hybrid but I don't know which other hybrids are out there. Thanks!
  2. i love love love my prius! i got mine 2 years ago equipped with package #7 (which includes everything they offer except for leather seats) and so far it has not disappointed me in any way. i live in LA so the carpool pass makes having a hybrid very worthwhile, but i'd definitely stick with my prius even if i lived elsewhere. btw, i get about 430 miles per tank and i believe my tank capacity is 10 gallons. i rarely pay more $30 per trip the gas station - that feeling alone is worth the price of the car! :smile: it also feels good to know you're doing a bit part to help the environment of course.
  3. mineko, is there anything you don't like about the car?
  4. DH has driven the Civic hybrid for almost two (or three?) years now. He went with that over the Prius mainly because he's loyal to Honda and got an amazing deal on a new one at the time. He has been very happy with it, and has had no complaints.

    It does very well on mileage, even driving around town -- I think it gets close to 600 miles per tank (I'll confirm when he gets home), but that drops a little in the summer when he uses the air.

    I drive it occasionally and think it's a great little car. It has more zip than his old regular Civic sedan used to, but I have to admit I prefer the acceleration of my V6 VW. I am glad we have one car that's green though. It's great for longer trips and when we don't have to tote a lot of things.
  5. I bought a Prius about a year ago and I totally love it! I usually spend about $26 to fill up every 3 weeks. I love the hatchback which is great for shopping. I feel great when sitting in traffic knowing that I am not poluting the air! I went up against a Hummer one day that was trying to get in front of me and won!!
  6. I have a prius and love it...not much that I don't like about it really

    great on gas, good for the environment, more roomier inside than expected, good trunk space....love it!
  7. thanks everyone :smile:

    im just having a difficult debate whether to get the camry, prius, or the civic. I want to stick to a small car cause I've always driven something small so more than likely i'll get the civic.. but the prius has the backup camera lol oh choices :smile: thank you for your responses
  8. honestly, no! i "downgraded" from a BMW330Ci and thought i might miss the luxury aspect, but i don't at all. i don't know much about the civic hybrid and the size comparisons but the prius is pretty compact. one of the best features of it, however, is that is has an amazing amount of trunk space because it's a hatchback. :tup:

    you should definitely test drive your choices before you decide. happy car shopping!
  9. I confirmed the mileage. :yes: One drawback is that that the Civic's trunk is not huge. Maybe I've just gotten used the cargo room in my wagon, but if that's a consideration, it sounds like the Prius may be better for you.