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    One question. If ever given a birkin in palladium, can we ask them to send it back to Paris to change the hardware to gold ???

    I'm just thinking, if its your dream bag in the right size and colour and leather but the hw is not the one you want, can you get it changed ????

    I'd cry if that happens to me ..
  2. ^^^^^Nope.

    Even if they would allow it, the cost might be prohibitive. They would have to take the bag apart and resew the zipper, change the feet, change the strapguides and then the plates. Then you'd have to get a new lock and key. Might not be worth it.

  3. :crybaby: :crybaby:
  4. ^^^^^Eeewwww, sorry.:s
  5. If you were given the opportunity for a great bag that you want, but wrong hw I still think you would fall in love with it!
  6. But BLACK HAS TO GO WITH GOLD HW :crybaby: :crybaby:
  7. I am with you there. The bag WILL come along... just wait, and enjoy the anticipation...
  8. I once asked someone (who would know) if the hardware could be changed from palladium to gold and the answer was that Hermes would not do it. But there are no real rules when it comes to what Hermes will do and not do.

  9. Mine is Black Box with Ruthenium Hardware and though I love Black with gold too, this combination has just a bit of "edge" to it. It's just a bit.....different in a really cool way. If you like to match your hardware to your jewelery (I don't usually) then you might want to stick with the gold though....

    Don't worry.....the right one will come along. You just need to be patient (something I don't seem to have!!!!) :flowers:
  10. I will try to be patient :jammin:

    Well, just don't let me see THE BAG with ph hw, cos that will REALLY MAKE ME FLIP :cursing:

    Don't they know black should ALWAYS go with gold hw ???! :supacool:
  11. I love a woman who knows exactly what she wants! Good for you...I wish you all the patience in the world as you wait!!!
  12. katyc,
    Has the store given you an indication when your black chevre Birkin is going to arrive? I kinda think if you ordered gold hw, the store will give you gold hw ....
  13. My ex-SA said that Hermes used to do it but it became so costly and time-consuming for the craftsman that they stopped offering that service.
  14. I prefer black with gold or ruthenium hardware. I'm more partial to gold hardware on most bags (except with fuchsia I like it with palladium, gold, AND ruthenium) because gold gives it a more luxurious feel; not to mention counterfeiters always have problem getting the gold right
  15. Interesting comment Kou about the gold hw and counterfeiters- I didn't know that.

    I don't think I've ever seen ruthenium irl- is it "greyer" than palladium?