HW of Cruise Black Distressed Patent Reissue

  1. I think it was mentioned in a previous thread that the hardware (HW) of the Cruise Black Distressed Patent Reissue is "aged hw". Anyone has any idea what is "aged hw"?
  2. Well maybe that is what I am looking for! the distressed patent reissue in 227! Oh tell me more!!
  3. The only info that I got from my SA about the black is that the largest size is 227. She has not received the catalog for the cruise collection.
  4. I am interested in finding more about this too. The black distressed patent with aged hw in 227 size sounds like just what the doctor ordered!
  5. mac, I posted in another thread that this bag might be the "one" for you. I'm really curious to see this one as well as the dark silver metallic.

  6. Molls, I am so excited!! I missed this in Japs' original thread and just went back and noticed it after Sophia's post. You are right!! I think it may be perfect for me. I still can't wait to see the Ritz but I have a funny feeling that that one is going to be too big for me.
  7. Yes, I know what you mean. I think the patent re-issues are going to be perfect for me as well. As you are very well aware ;) I returned the glazed lambskin star stitched bag :crybaby: because it was just too small. The more I look at the patent re-issue, the more it looks like it's going to be soft and squishy, just the the star stitched bag, and the 227 is certainly going to be large enough.

    I'm really interested in the ritz bag, but I'm afraid for it to keep that triangular shape, it's going to be a more structured, hard bag (does that make sense?), and I'm really looking forware to something that can move and bend just like the other bag.
  8. Ditto!! Keep me posted if you hear anything and I'll do the same!:upsidedown:
  9. I have a LV triangular shaped bag and that hard and have a fixed shape. I think it would be pretty uncomfortable trying to shoulder carry a bag with this shape.
  10. You got it!

    sophia, I know that the ritz is going to be really hard to carry. It's looks as if it will fit over the shoulder very nicely BUT that triangular design looks like it's going to be uncomfortable. They should have come out with the glazed lambskin bag w/the star stitch in a HUGE bag. Now that would have been amazing :tender:.
  11. Oh Molls, stop taunting me!!:wtf: Let's hope that the distressed patent is close!
  12. Hey Molls

    I just thought it won't hurt for us to have a little closer look at the dark silver one (i spend my waking hours googling it now that I'm on maternity leave :smile:).. i'm also dying for one of these.. but seems like we've gotta be patient for Nov to arrive! :Push:
  13. :devil: LOL! I'm sooooooooo hoping the distressed patent is close. I bet it's going to be fantastic in the 227 size.

    joia, thank you for posting the pic of the dark silver. I'm definitely getting both the black patent and dark silver :drool:. BTW congratulations on your pregnancy :smile: .
  14. i wonder if "aged hw" is like the "gold" hardware on the 2005 black reissues. it was called gold hw, but it sometimes looked a bit on the silverish side bc of the intentional vintage look.
    does anyone know if the patent reissues will have contrast stitching? that's what it looks like in the pix so far.