Hw diamond ring

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Which one would u choose?

  1. Harry winston micropave cushion

  2. Harry winston round brilliant with Side tapered baguettes

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Those are both my most favoritest! It depends, will you wear it on the left or right hand, which finger?
  2. Wow, tat was fast reply swanky.
    I would like to wear it sometimes on the right 4th finger n sometimes on the left. Hehe.
    In my country, u dont have to wear the engagement supposely on the left hand. :smile:
  3. Without a doubt, the round with baguettes.
  4. Without a doubt the cushion cut with micropave diamonds. I have a ring with a similar setting and it is unbelievably sparkly. Good luck.
  5. Cushion with micropave diamonds!! It's Gorgeous!!
  6. Micropave with cushion is to die for!
  7. I LOVE the cushion!
  8. Micropave' cushion for sure!
  9. I would do the micropave if it is not an e-ring. I think you can get away with it as a non-e-ring a little more.
  10. micropave!
  11. no offense to anyone with a cushion with a micropave halo but they are everywhere. i would rather something truly unique or truly classic--so I cote for the round of your two choices
  12. I think you can't go wrong with either one, but of course I would choose the micropave. You should choose the one you really want now and save the other one to be your future e-ring. :P BTW, did my SA get back to you?
  13. The second one....with tapered baguette side stones. I don't see many of that....in the pearl of orient! ;)
  14. First one, micropave halo, cushion. It looks fab.