Hve u ever gotten sucked into the hype on this board and bought bags that u otherwise

  1. would never have bought or even be interested in?
  2. No, for me it's the opposite. I normally miss out on bags that I should have gotten when they were available and I find myself hunting them down when they are impossible to get a hold of.
  3. Me too! Then when I can't get it right away, of course, I want it all the more.
  4. Yes, I do initially find out about certain styles and colors here on this forum that make me want it. Especially after seeing pictures and rave reviews.

  5. Ditto ditto ditto. I always find myself hunting down old bags
  6. Couldn't have said it better myself! ITA!
  7. Sometimes I feel that this board does have an influence on what I buy. I try not to run out and buy "it" until I have had time to think about it. Unless of course it is a limited edition, like my red jumbo flap. Which I loveeeee. I try to stick with the classics(they r usually always around). Unless I am obsessed and cannot stop thinking about a certain bag then I am on the phone ordering or at the Chanel Boutique. :confused1:
  8. Sometimes it's hard to not get influenced by the hype and enthusiasm at tpf (an example is the dark silver reissue), but I mainly use the board as research. Ultimately I'm the one paying the bill so I only buy what's right to me, even if it's a season or two later...
  9. ITA! Ultimately I use this board as my research source, get myself educated as much as I could and make my decision after reading all the reviews.
  10. No, I have never bought a bag - I really don't care for, too expensive for that mistake in judgment. I have not cared for a bag and later grown to love it and now find myself looking for the impossible...but only after a lot of soul searching to make sure it is not just a fling...Now where can I find that bag!?!:nuts::p
  11. Not me. I bought couple bags lately but I don't buy those "it" bags like reissue or Cabas. I was more into fear of price increase and luckily the styles of those bags are exactly what I was looking for.
  12. I cannot say "I've gotten sucked into the hype"
    But I can say I find this board a valuable resource!

    this board has brought information about styles and bags that I would otherwise have no clue about.

    I completely value the information I've received here - along with members much more familar with chanel being very generous with their thoughts and input and I have been able to educate myself more before making a purchase.
  13. I've been sucked in when there's a price increase gonna happen. But my limited resources have prevented me from going hogwild!
  14. SO a lot of purchases are not based on likes but more of frequency of them appearing here AND that I am on most of the Chanel lists, that doesn't help either cause the SA's are calling me telling me I am up next for bag 'X'. Like yesterday the SA called me letting me know there was a reissue available and I am up next. I hardly was fond of that line but since I was called upon to purchase this bag, I decided YES I MIGHT NEED ONE. :smile:
  15. I must say it has had an influence, but like others have said, I use tPF to find out information on bags which I can't get locally =)