HUZZAH! my dior vintage flowers is here!

  1. just for you nat, the minute the bf left the house, i scooted right to my room and whipped out the vintage flowers to take pictures of it. (ignore the chanel box in the first pic... i needed a stand for it and that was the only one i could find). :p

    i'm definitely pleased that i got it at a reasonable price... the seller did mention some light stains in the interior, but as far as i can tell, it's barely noticeable and nothing a good dry cleaner can't fix. :smile::love:
    vintage flowers 01.JPG vintage flowers 02.JPG vintage flowers 03.JPG vintage flowers 04.JPG
  2. :heart: :heart: :heart:


    Your room lighting almost matches the lighting in the ad!

    Dior Vintage Flowers Kate Moss 2.jpg
  3. hehehee. my room lighting is making my eyesight all wonky. it's all yellow/soft lighting and it's never adequate. makes studying a real chore.

    and that ad is gorgeousss!!
  4. Lucky! I love it.
  5. aaaaaah *loses conscience and falls under the desk* ...gorgeous ! :yahoo:

    ( where can i get the chanel pic ? is it on their forum yet? :graucho: )
  6. Loooooooooove it :drool:

    Soooooooooooo Goooorgeous .. one of the bags i still kick myself 4 not gettttttting it :crybaby:

    Congraaaaats dear:heart:

    *steals the bag and runs*

  7. i was expecting an exotic but this colour is soooo rich and fabulous that i can totally understand !:drool: by the way i also saw big brown tote at Chanel ( sort of birkin shaped ) and the python scales on the handles were really getting up ! they should do something about it for the amount of money u pay!:cursing:
  8. Wow zerodross, I love all your recent purchases. It's always nice to have shopping sprees! :graucho:
  9. heh, thanks everyone for the lovely words as usual! :heart:

    chloe: !! we've not seen you around the dior subforum for ages! anyway i just saw your PM! i'm definitely jumping over to the LV subforum to check out your miroir & pomme d'amour! :drool:

    nat: heh, yeah i was really trying to get a python but they sold out of python flaps there and there was only the tote left, the feel of the python skin (very papery/plasticky and flimsy) plus how easily the scales lifted (from everyday wear or just handling it without some baby-ing) bothered me a lot. i mean it's just too much anxiety and stress involved with having a python flap. :sad: (beautiful as it may be)

    chrystalline: heh, i'm now really really on a bag ban. i checked my bank balance today and got a nasty shock. :push:
  10. very pretty congrats!
  11. Gorgeous bag!! I Love it!
  12. Congratulations- that is a beauty!
  13. Gorgeous, I love it. Have the same bag and its one of my favorites. I also have the tote coming from the Dior outlet to match it. Good luck with it.
  14. zero - love the vintage and the Reissue!!!! (my other love!)