Huzzah for Lazy Husbands!!

  1. So my hubby was a consultant for the better part of the year. However, he HATES entering his accounting info - mileage, compensation, etc. Hates it. And I have been publicly pining for the Hamptons Carryall 11199...I'm sure some of you have seen my whines.

    Hubby calls me today, BEGS me to do his mileage and data entry. Says he'll pay me.

    *rubs her hands together and cackles evilly*

    Sooo...just ordered THIS


    Whee!~ I finally got my perfect work purse! And he had to pay for it! Buahhahahahaaa...

    But after this bag I am officially :banned:
  2. :lol:Too funny! I tell my dh that he can go hunting but it will cost him what he spends hunting!!!:graucho: Or playing hockey, or spending money on his guitar... Or (insert activity here_____________.) :angel::

    P.S. By the way, the bag is adorable! Love it!!
  3. Good for you! I love this bag...Congrats!!
  4. haha i like the way you think !

  5. I do that too with my hubby... I spend about the same amount that he does on his activites... Bad thing is I think I about to go into the lead. ekk.

    Great choice on a bag, Let us know how well it hold up at work. I am looking for a good work bag still.
  6. Wonderful bag choice, and so funny how you ended up getting it! hehehe...
  7. :tup::wlae: that's awesome~! Wish My DH would give me an offer like that! I would enter all his data for um.... a new 08 coach!
  8. Further proves that women are, and will always be, smarter than men :yes:.

    Good for you, and the bad is just darling!
  9. Great bag! I do the same thing w/my husband. He got two guitars this holiday season instead of the one he was supposed to get, so I told him then get another Coach bag rather than just the one I had picked out! Hey, fair is fair!
  10. congrats- i love this bag. a real classic.