Huuba Huuba, my HG of this year!!!! Tons of pix*.....^__^

  1. I like this new FedEx Guy, such a southern gent, but a nice hunky one too :graucho:, chased away those GIANT grasshopper the first time, then put the phone book in my apartment when my hands are full of this BABY! Alright, back to business, I'd never expect to get this bag, but after all the smoking hot model pix you ladies post, i owe it to myself to try it out despite the price tag *glup*

    So here's pix time!
  2. err, Here's are the pix lol
    LV Box.JPG LV with Pig.JPG
  3. :hs:

    love this one but never get to use it, hehe
  4. Awww teasing pics!!:hysteric:

    Okay okay I'll be patient........ :popcorn:
  5. ladies and gents, you have no idea how hard it is for me to post the pix first THEN try this hot mama i r s t....... See how my pig already have his nose bleeding just by hopping on the box :lol:
    LV Wrap.JPG LV dust.JPG
  6. ahhh....
  7. show us show us!
  8. It's a tough one to guess as i never really express my interest of purchase, but it's such a good deal to pass on-forget VIP gift, I love TAX FREE Elux and those rebate website combo:supacool:
    LV Peep.JPG
  9. what is it!!!!!!!!
  10. oohhh mahina!! great purchase!!!
  11. Show me the moola first! lol, jk, ok think the last pix already reveal herself, time to try it on!!! Piggy w/tissue stuffed nose is oinking & nudgeing me to try this on......will post later as i am in pj w/birdnest hair:shame:

  12. The mahina! Congratulations and celebrations :dothewave:
  13. I love your story, you go girl!!! We all deserve to treat ourselves every now and then! ;) Congrats!
  14. Sharp eyes darling! Welcome to tPF! :yahoo:
  15. Yep looks like Mahina to me too :nuts: