Husbands with NO fashion sense...

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  1. Okay, my husband just walked out of the house in the most God-forsaken outfit for work! He had on dress pants and a dress shirt that were fine, but then throws on the most (fill in the blank with the worst adjective you can think of) hand-me-down sports jacket. First off, the jacket did not go with the shirt and tie, and second...the jacket print was big gray and black plaid, and third it wasn't a good fit for him,...I could go on!!!!!!!! Ugh! He asks me, "Babe, is this okay?" I said, "H*LL no!" But he says, "I think it's fine." I said, "So why did you ask me in the first place?!" Ugh again! He should know better, but here's the problem. His 70 year old dad insists on handing him down everything he can't fit into anymore, and some of this stuff dates back to the 70s, no joke! I wish he would stop! And I've made comments before like, "take your old clothes to Goodwill because he doesn't need them!!!!" (no reading between the lines needed...) But his family tend to be packrats and can't bare the thought of getting rid of clothes (that shouldn't be seen on anyone anymore!) It's not only dress stuff, but ugly theme park t-shirts and worse, some pretty horrific striped sweaters. My husband would wear all of it if I gave him the chance, without hesitation. I can't understand it!!! Most of the time, I slowly pack it away and give it to good will myself. ha ha!!! But then the vicious cycle begins again. Anyhow, I take great pride in dressing my husband for work most of the time. I love to mix a classic shirt and pant combo, with trendy and bold ties. I love to mix and play with color, and he has been known to receive a compliment or two on his style (no thanks to his own fashion talent! lol). Anyhow, sorry I had to vent! It just drives me crazy that he doesn't know better by now or even care!

    What about your men?! Any fashion sense???
  2. Not a stitch of fashion sense!! LOL! And what's worse is he's color blind. I usually fix the situation by picking out his clothes....
  3. OMG I believe my boyfriend's family might be related to your husband...he is a total packrat and wont throw anything out.

    My man doesn't get hand me downs from his father but he has quite the collection of 80's clothes still. I mean, jean shirts which he loves to wear with jeans :wtf: ...well that stopped 2 weeks after we started dating because I really couldnt handle it, but he wont throw away the shirt!!!

    Thankfully we have moved all that stuff to a closet in another room which I call the 80's closet and he rarelly goes in there, but I suspect he does when I go out of town, wich is fine with me as I don't get to see him wearing hideous clothes :yucky:
  4. Oh my goodness polos, not only are their families related...I think our husband are long lost twins! He has a jean shirt too (with a Miami Dolphin patch on it) that he still wears with jeans. (New rule fool: NO CLOTHES WITH ANY PATCHES ON IT!) lol Plus, haven't the Dolphins been losing for forever now?! And definitely no jean on jean activity please. lol
  5. No husbands yet - do boyfriends count? :p

    Mine is the complete opposite of yours. I swear he has even better fashion sense than me! :wtf: He loves understated chic and is usually very immaculately dressed without me asking or forcing him to do so. Sometimes I wish he wasn't so well-dressed cos he puts ME in the shade! :roflmfao:
  6. Yes, boyfriends count and it sounds like my husband should be taken lessons from your man!!!
  7. my dad and my SO are so bad when they have to pick their own outfits. my mothers even gone as far as putting outfits together on 1 hanger to make it easy for my dad.
    iv just got back from shopping with my SO and he insists on trying everything on in a large and hes only a medium. it drives me MAD. my MIL, who i do not get along with, tells him wear what you want you always look good but she doesnt have to go out with him. we cleared out his wardrobe last night and he had tshirts with holes in because hed had them that long and he was like "should i give them to charity?" WHY? they are falling apart! its madness.
  8. My boyfriend dresses fine, but he's horrible with shoes. He tends to buy shoes that he thinks are comfortable, but doesnt care too much about what they look like, for some reason.

    Honestly, once he got himself a pair of Crocs! I almost cried when I saw them. (I still havent persuaded him to throw them out, but at least he doesnt wear them outside of the house...)

    What annoys me the most, however, is that he really doesn't have a clue about women's clothing. If I get something trendy, he doesn't like it most of the time. But when he's seen other people wearing it for a few months (which is when I usually get tired of a trend, when everyone starts wearing it...) he thinks it looks nice, and wants me to wear it. So annoying!

    But to answer your question; he dresses fine, but really needs help with his shoes. Thank God he has me, eh? ;)
  9. My boyfriend has great taste in work clothes but he doesn't have any good casual clothes. If he isn't in a suit, he is wearing old jeans/khaki shorts with a t-shirt and tevas or sneakers. He does have two nice sweaters and a couple of polos, but he won't buy more!
  10. When I met my husband he had no fashion sense whatsoever. But after I met his parents I see where he got it from! Here's what he looked like on our first date: he needed a haircut terribly, he was wearing a white button down shirt that was a shade of grey because he didn't wash his whites separately and the shirt had a hole in the sleeve which he hid by rolling up the sleeve, black faded jeans that were too small (!), and old gross Nike Air Jordan high tops that had to be at least 10 years old. Oh, and white sweat socks that were also a shade of grey.

    Thankfully now I buy all his clothes and he looks much better. And he has embraced fashion a little more too.
  11. LOL :roflmfao:

    I am sooooo happy I am not the only one. Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking when I went out on a second date with my boyfriend after wearing the jean on jean outfit...

    the problem is that it is still a struggle. He has some ancient jeans that are too narrow at the bottom and I have to beg him to take them off when he tries to wear them. He thinks its not a big deal and that no one pays attention. HELLOOOO!!! :nuts: "I do!! and that is all that matters" usually gets him to change.
  12. When it comes to a buisness suit he has fabulous taste!

    However, when it comes to casual wear...UGH He is a levis jeans and Polo shirt guy. Not that that's AWFUL mind you but it's just boring. I have purchased some fabulous jeans and shirts for him that he will wear once in a while to please me.

    Oh well, at least he doesn't tuck his shirt in with a belt and sneakers. LOL When I met him I called him Seinfeld! LOL Remember Jerry dressing like that! HAA HAA
  13. LOL! luckily i am blessed with a bf with great fashion. he has a great collection of diesel jeans and nice shirts :smile:
  14. LOLOLOLOLOL! I do remember that!!! :nuts: Oh my god, I can't belive I'm going to post this (and it will always be in print), but my husband does the t-shirt tucked in with jeans and white sneakers!!!! Ugh! I just recently told my best friend that I can't handle that anymore...and we've been married for 6.5 years!!! You'd think I'd get used to it, but it's just now that it's bothering me to the point where I want to scream. :yucky: He's 36 and a cutie pie. I tell him that look really dates him! I've told him so many times to leave his t-shirts tucked out. I've even told him that it turns me on when he does...trying to appeal to his sexual side (cause the man is a horndog!). lol But I guess old habits die hard! OMG and get this, he used to tuck his tees in his underwear. Have you seen people do that?! That HAD to stop, I told him that was grounds for divorce!!! Well ladies, I must really feel secure with you guys, admitting all of that and all. I need to lay down! :roflmfao:
  15. jealous!:oh: