Husbands Just Don't Understand

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm brand new to this site but I have a long standing obsession with designer bags, especially LV. My husband can't stand LV and keeps complaining about the prices. I can't even lie about the prices because he goes online and checks it out. Does anyone have any advice on hot to handle the husband situation? LOL
  2. Mmmm...maybe agree to a seperate savings JUST for bags???

    A lot of us DO NOT tell DH the cost of bags BUT mine doesn't look it up on-line either! Good luck & welcome to TPF!
  3. everything I buy, I always say it was on SALE.
  4. They don't get it, I understand how my DH feels though, he's really in to guns and customizing those, even has a forum for them, and I just get a blank stare on my face when he talks about them, same way he does when I talk about which purse I want next. LOL
  5. Welcome to the site! I'm not married (yet) but I am obsessed with bags and accessories as well. Recently, I bought a Balenciaga bag (cost me $1100-ish) and when my boyfriend asked me how much they were I made him guess. He said $600 something. I lied and said "yeah, something like that". LOL.

    If I were in your situation, I'd say I got it from sale or bought it off eBay used. LOL. Good luck.
  6. okay...maybe i won't be the most popular person in terms of responses!!! i know that lots of people choose not to tell their spouses what they spend on things...i work hard, i'm a teacher and i feel that my feedback and contributions to our marriage our equal even though my dh earns significantly more than i do...he knows i have a "thing" for bags...does he "get" it? nah, no way...and i think he thinks i'm a bit nutty with my "bag thing"....all that being said, we've divided the responsibilities in our home...he handles bills i handle health insurance...i handle dr appts for teenager, he handles snowplowing and mowing, i tell him how much things cost...i just don't like having secrets....also, if i really want a bag and it's not likely to happen within the parameters of our budget, i just make a decision to sell some older, gently used ones on eBay and buy a new one with the proceeds...i've given up hope of him ever understanding what bags mean to me!!!!
  7. I think its great you are so honest. I just don't think it would work for me. Not yet anywho...maybe AFTER law school!
  8. I've been selling some of my older bags on ebay lately. I'm using the money to buy other more expensive bags. My husband is OK with me spending money on a new bag when I do this.
  9. Tools are expensive..........
  10. did u use your own hard earned money or his?
    if u worked hard and bought bags from your own money, i don't see nothing's wrong. although i agree with saving some for the "family" funds.
  11. "bought off ebay, used" is always your best answer, IMO!;) DH knows that before we were married, I could drop serious $$ on bags (all into LV then) & my parents still tease me about my shopping. But now, whenever a new bag shows up, I give the ebay answer! Actually these days its true! But it doesn't hurt that I get home first & am able to intercept the mail! :graucho:
  12. I opened a separate acct. just for bags. I have an ebay lady sell off old junk that I have around the house and use that to fund my bags. My Dh is thrilled ,he doesn't have to pay for them except for birthdays and holidays[gifts].Family funds go untouched and house gets less cluttered . It's a win win situation. He still doesn't get the whole bag thing but a least he's not paying for it.
  13. Im not married nor do I currently have an SO, but I am an expert in dealing with my penny pincher father. "got it on CLEARANCE" works for me. Ebay doesnt work for me but that sounds like a good excuse too. If he doesnt seem to be able to keep track or tell the difference between them all maybe "oh, this old thing? I've had it for YEARS" And of course, if he has any manly hobbies he likes to blow money on you can always interrogate him on those. My dad is obsessed with Guitars so I like to use "do you know many louis vuittons your Guitar could buy?
  14. I'm not married yet, but I am engaged and since I'll be the primary earner, we've already agreed that 5% of my gross will be my "play money."

    Essentially, my play money will allow me to make random purchases that he may not criticize or question on the grounds of price or usefulness.

    I'll let you all know how successful this course of action is in a few months. :smile:
  15. My husband will never get it either, but I don't like bending the truth (even if it's staying I got something on sale when it wasn't actually on sale). So we have joint accounts for shared expenses, but personal accounts for our own things. This is what I use to buy my bags. Neither of us can complain abour or judge what the other person does with their individual $. This has worked out well for us, although he'll never understand what compels me to spend so much on bags, he now comes shoppng with me, is happy for me when I get a bag I've been saving for, etc.