Husbands, Husbands, Husbands!!

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  1. Me and my husband got over a fight with my bags this evening before he left. He said I have a lot of bags and still want more! Mostly, my bags are LVs and Chanels… Arghhh… I was thinking, I’d rather buy 1 Hermes so that he won’t notice it (anyway, he don’t know Hermes!) than buying lots of LVs and Chanels! What do you think?
  2. I would absolutely go get yourself an Hermes.....and I have made official note to self that being single isn't so bad....I don't have to explain my purchases to anyone.
  3. Do you have your own job? Could you support your own habit if you wanted to? I think if finances are the reason he's getting upset, then you should back off for awhile. IF on the other hand, you have your own job and can totally support yourself...he's got no right to say anything.
  4. honestly?
    I think if buying handbags is creating strife in a serious relationship maybe it's time to re-evaluate and make sure he doesn't have a good point.
    I buy bags, but not at the furious rate of a lot of people here.
    The bags you buy cost A LOT of money. When you share a child, home, etc. . . the $ you spend is his business IMO.

    Could he have a point?
  5. Sometimes my hubby gets ticked off if he sees a lot coming in all at I just slow down for awhile, let him buy some stuff....and the ramp it up again :smile:
  6. Look at the big picture. Does family income cover all the bills plus savings and college fund? Also, are there several bags sitting unused? That would probably bother him. Marriage is a partnership--one person doesn't get to dictate, but there needs to be cooperation and compromise.
  7. If it is about money, then yes, that can be a problem. Me and DH place all our money in one account, pay all the bills, then figure out what to do with what's left over. Sometimes he gets something, sometimes I do, sometimes we do something as a family.

    If it is just a numbers thing...go get the Hermes! I have had to re-evaluate lately...I decided I don't need 20 bags, I just need 3 or 4 of different sizes and colors to get through the year. Then, I can buy something nicer that way!

    Good luck to you, dear!!
  8. I totally agree with you. Even if you were able to support yourself, you still share a lot of responsibilities and he should have some say in your spending habits, just as you would his. If you were able to fairly contribute (up to you guys), saved an amount each month that you were were happy with and had money leftover, how you use that amount should be up to you, whether you want to buy an hermes or 5 chanel/lvs.

    Did he specify what part made him unhappy? Is it cutting into your lifestyles? Maybe he has legitimate reasons.
  9. Couldn't have said it better myself...

    I hope you and your DH work everything out.
  10. i agree with swanky...
    it doesn't matter who's the one making the living in the family but if u are married and have kids together, it's each other's business
  11. :yes:
  12. numbers is the thing. LOL. He sees a lot of bags... Just that.. :/ Well.. I guess I better cool down buying stuffs..
  13. wait till his cool down then u start your showdown agian !
  14. I did not read any of the other posts...a bag is a is love...I would give all my bags away for my husband...
  15. I have some insane shopping habits myself, so I see where you're coming from. The key for me and hubby is that I insisted on separate finances from day one. I contribute a set amount for bills and stuff each month. However, I really don't want my bags to be in his face; so I figured out a way to sneak stuff into the house...sometimes it will sit in the trunk of my car for a few days until an appropriate time to sneak it in. Sneaky? Yeah. Does it work for me? Yeah! He might see something months after I bought it , and go, "is that new?", and I'm of course like, "no, I've had this for a while". He might even say he likes it:smile: