Husband's gift to me..

  1. When my hubby:heart: got home from work today he was beaming as he presented me with a gift he had picked out for me. He knows my addiction to handbags so he decided to buy me one.:flowers:
    The bag is an "Apple Bottoms" bag? I'm not familiar with this bag but I graciously accepted it as I smothered my hubby with kisses of graditude:yes:
    I googled "Apple Bottoms", but I'm not familiar with the rapper
    "Nelly" either.:sad:
    The bag is a decent bag, actually kinda cute, and the stitching is sturdy.
    I most definetly adore my husband for taking the time to buy me the bag and I will definetly use the bag, especially on outings with him;)

    Can anyone fill me in on this "Apple Bottoms" line? I wonder where he bought it? lol.
  2. I remember seeing Apple Bottom jeans on Oprah, as one of her fav things, I think. I don't know anything else beyond Oprah wore his jeans. Sorry. Post pics of the bag if you can I'd love to see. What a nice hubby you have, that's very thoughtful.
  3. How sweet of him, please post some pics.
  4. ^Nice bag. And your husband's a sweetheart...!
  5. I dislike apple bottom anything because someone told me apple bottom means big butt. :sad:
  6. :nuts: Yikes!:wtf:
    Well at least he didn't get me a pair of the apple bottom jeans.
    I may have been offended then :lol:
  7. congrats! cant wait to see pics.
  8. :roflmfao: The bag is very nice, though. :flowers:
  9. Apple Bottom is not considered a bad thing ladies....:lol:
  10. aww that's sweet of him :smile: the purse is really sweet ^_^
  11. what a sweet hubby you have. it's always the thought that counts.:yes:
  12. Okay after seeing that no one here seems(remember I said seems) to know anything about Apple Bottoms let me explain. Apple bottoms is a womens line started by rapper Nelly(duet with Tim Mcgraw "All in my Head,"). He first started a line for men called Vokal. Apple bottom does not mean big butt it means you have an apple shaped bottom, round hips, or full figured hips basicly(J-Lo, Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Oprah). N E hoo Nelly decided to design a line for full figured women. A lot of times a full figured women has trouble finding jeans that fit larger hips. They will have to buy larger sized jeans that fit in the hips but not the waist having to wear a belt that gives the waist of the jeans a bunched up look. This happens because of all the extra fabric from having to wear a larger size than needed. (I know this because I am in retail business and have sold Apple Bottoms in my store.) Nelly clevery designed a line that allowed extra room in the hips and fit the waist perfectly with out the bunching. Its merely a pair of jeans with alot of extra room in the bottom area. Just to give you some relief Apple Bottoms are worn like crazy mostly by African Americans because of support and love for the rapper and becase we tend to have fuller figures(please dont get offended anyone!)IMO. They are in the same category and in competition with Baby Phat by Kimora Lee Simmons so you got a good thing dont worry. Apple Bottoms have been around for years.
  13. Having an apple bottom is not considered a bad thing. Curves on a woman are natural...............

    Congrats on your bag. That was very nice of your husband. BTW, I like the bag!!
  14. That's a really cute bag! I don't usually like patterned bags, but that one is sharp. And yes, an Apple Bottom is definitely not a bad thing to have! I know a lot of women - black and white - who were happy to have some jeans that fit them in the booty area and did not leave a big gaping gap at the waist. For the hourglass type figure these jeans are a god-send! I think the Joe's Jeans Honey Booty Cut and the Gap curvy cut took a cue from the popularity of these jeans (which were the first to do it)