Husbands and Hermes


Jan 22, 2006
Blowing kisses back at you?? That is so sweet. Kellybag, you definitely have a very sweet husband. Agree with La Vanguardia.


Nov 28, 2005
gigi leung said:
Thanks Koga. if you had passed on a 30cm Gold Togo Birkin at the Copenhagen store, their service must be really bad! :sick:

Never mind, I'm sure you'll have better luck & more professional service at the Ginza store! :amuse: Remember to bring your husband along!
Thanks Gigi Leung:biggrin: I have never tried to order anything from the Ginza store as I am not one of their regular customers. But they have always been incredible sweet and attentive to me. Last time I tried to find a cyclamen wallet but no luck as they where all sold out.

OT. I have sent a fax to my sa so I just keep my fingers crossed that I will be able to order my Kelly in chevre coromandel:love: You have rally helped me a lot with my decision:idea:


Mar 6, 2006
My husband loves Hermes almost as much as I do. He has bought me scarves, earrings, and a bracelet and I adore all of them. :love: Someday he knows I would love a Kelly but we would have to save. But part of the fun is dreaming about it. :biggrin: Anyway, he would much rather me buy at Hermes because of the beauty and quality. :love:


Mar 14, 2006
New England
I've just gotten DH to understand my love for David Yurman (and the prices) - it'll be some time before we can move him to Hermes!:blink: He's got his Harley and boat and old car and his toys....only mine I happen to use EVERY day! At least that's what I say....

gigi leung

Feb 14, 2006
femina said:
You all at least have a man to go shopping with you. Me?? Either alone or with my girlfriends.....
hey Femina, I'm with you :biggrin: ...I shop alone most of the time.

Sometimes my hubby will drop by to pick me up :smile:


baguette collector
Mar 1, 2006
Well, my husband would never get it. Luckily I am working and I had a recent tax refund from property I had prior to our marraige. That is where my Kelly is coming from.
He doesn't really ask me how much things cost. He just tends to say whether he likes the bag or he says nothing. He doesn't like the conservative bags. Maybe that's why there are less complaints about the Fendi.
We'll see how he reacts to the red Kelly.
He's a scientist and he did mention a gentleman in Discover magazine that is a "collector", which means he never throws anything away, including old newspapers, cups, etc. Eventually the poor guy was killed by piles of stuff that fell on him. He jokingly says I am probably going to be attacked by all the purses in dustbags on the upper shelf of my closet!


Mar 9, 2006
Greentea..give the hubby time...he will come around. They do at their own pace. You are very smart and I know you will find ways to acquire the Hermes bags all on your own even without the endorsement.

For some strange reason I have this feeling you and I will somehow get our Birkins at the same time.


i <3 bags
Dec 29, 2005
New York City
Greentea said:
HAHA! I know! He does appreciate and buy nice things and likes to surprise me. Lately, he's done the jewelry thing so I'm trying to sway him over to the "orange" box for gifts!!
LOL yes! I've told my guy that anything with an orange Hermes box will be a surefire winner as a present, anytime, anywhere. It's a reflex -- no thinking involved! :idea:

Well, he knows not to get me a tie. :amuse:


Holiday Joys!
Mar 1, 2006
gigi leung said:
I often tell him that "The best gift is in an ORANGE box!" :lol:
I am gonna use your tagline next time. Haha.:biggrin:

My husband is cool. He got me to MMS him the picture of the Kelly I got even though he knows I am going to get it no matter what. He's the one who likes Kelly whereas I prefer Birkin. Sometimes he will hit my arm whenever he spots a Birkin on the street and we'll start gossiping if it's a fake or not.:lol: