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Jan 15, 2006
We went out to breakfast this morning, and I told my husband that I would not be buying any more purses unless they were Hermes. He seemed thrilled that I'd be limiting my purchases, until I told him that the Hermes bags start at around $5,000. He sputtered his coffee.

Wide-eyed, he looked at me and asked how any bag could be worth that much. "It'll last forever," I replied. I am just starting to work on him, and I'm sure he'll come around. It might take some time before he completely appreciates it though.

A few years ago, when our son was an infant, we stopped in at the Hermes boutique in Chicago. The SAs were fabulously friendly and sweet, even though we were only buying a tie for him. He has a dozen H ties or so, and I notice that he always chooses to wear them on his most important and challenging days at work...rather than a random Brooks Brothers rep tie.

Also, he often brings me back an H scarf when he goes overseas. So I know he's a bit of a fan. It's just going to take a bit for him to wrap his head around a bag that costs thousands of dollars.

The one thing I did notice when we went to Hermes is that you get a LOT more attention when you are shopping with a man - has anyone else ever noticed this?

Anyway, how do the men in your life deal with your interest in Hermes bags? And how do the staff treat you when you bring your man shopping?
At least your husband do appreciate hermes' goods. It's just that he's quite shocked with the cost of the birkin.

My boyfriend is one person that I met who loves hermes' goods. He loves to buy its ties and always order for hermes' shirts. He also knows my love for birkins so when he bought for me my croc birkin.....never mind about the hefty price.......he seems to be cool with it. To think of it, it's quite good to have a husband/boyfriend who loves the same stuff that you also love too. At least, there'll be no quarrels over the shopping purchases.

As for your 2nd qns, I don't know whether is it true that the staff treat you better when you bring your man shopping. Depends though. If your man is a well-respected tycoon and among the richest in your country, so they'll treat you better coz' it gives them an indication that you're going to spend a lot or maybe buy something ultra-expensive. For me, there's not much difference. Maybe.......coz' I'm a regular?? hmmm.....I think hermes' also knows ladies are also rich with millions of dollars in their bank account. So, it doesn't makes any difference at all. Most of the time, I pay for my own goods even when I'm out with my boyfriend.
My husband doesn't mind when I buy Hermes because he knows that I love them. He also knows that I only buy what is within our means. If I buy personal accesories like jewelry, Kelly or Birkin, it has to be that I always have the money in the bank. I hate credit!

Yesterday we were having a discussion on the Birkin and I said that maybe instead of the gold/clemence that I ordered, I think I would rather have a blue jean or thalassa blue in ostrich. He said, if I prefer the ostrich and the blue color, then I should get that one instead of the normal leather.

About shopping in Hermes with husbands, I don't know because I go there alone. Then I can chat more with the SA.

I've started to educate him about Hermes bags, and so far he's been enthusiastic, even about the price. Once I told him that the Chevre was just like the Suhali he got me, he was even more enthusiastic because he loves the look of Suhali -- this is the reason I'm going for a Chevre.

Next weekend we're going to Hermes, and I'm going to ask him to get me a's the metaphorical "toe in the water!"
My husband is the husband all women who love to shop would want. He is a woman in disguise. (I should add he is an amazing piece of man that God created...6'5" and like 250lbs....well phsically fit due to his occupation and he is built like a professional athlete) He has more of everything than I do. (except purses of course) I take him everywhere I shop because he loves to shop and love to learn. Plus, he is an asset...he attracts the SA's like a darn magnet. That way I shop peacefully and they are busy with him. I will turn around and look at him and we smile at each other. Some times he blows kisses back at me.

My hubby is nice looking, but not gorgeous, but he has a talent for making women feel special and they love to be around him. He is a great asset to me and it does provide me with all the assistance I need when I shop.

As for Hermes, he knows it is my absolute favorite. He does not feel I need to purchase that expensive of things, but he knows I love them. He feels there are other great items of less expense. He does like me to be happy, so he keeps open minded. He would let me purchase anything if the money is there and if it won't hurt us in any way, shape, or form financially.

Part of me does feel I am treated much differently when he is with me. The two Hermes shops near me have very superficial people that live all around them. Some really do have money and the ability to purchase and others just play the roll as if they do. At times the SA's can be worse...they try to feel you out and the commit the major SA error. NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER!!! If they think someone else has more money by screening them they will help them more. If they think you don't have, they let you be or don't give you the customer service you deserve. This is where my husband being with me helps. It's still the old fashioned way that they think he has the bucks and they jump. Sad, but true.

What is strange is I do know that how I dress and what I wear makes the difference at Hermes. If I wear my nicest diamonds and watch, a really great outfit, and carry my Kelly they come up with a big smile. If I come in clean and neat without all of that it is a different experience. (Did I ramble or what?)

My husband is really someone who is amazing when it comes to Hermes and my second love.
My situation is similar to La Van's :amuse: My hubby is very understanding & he doesn't mind at all. He knows how much I love bags..especially Hermes :smile:

Most of my Hermes are my own purchases. He bought me my 2nd Birkin, a Blue Jeans Evelyne and a cute snowman keychain :love: I often tell him that "The best gift is in an ORANGE box!" :lol:
I agree with you. I definitely get more attention and faster attention when I'm with my husband. If I'm alone I could be in the store for quite awhile before someone approaches me. SAs immediately approach my husband. My husband loves and appreciates Hermes.
My husband does not completely understand my obsession with handbags and shoes. He is very down to earth and confident no matter what he wears/ drives etc. I like taking him with me when I go shopping because he is always honest unlike many friends. Never ever afraid to tell me if he doesn't like something I try on.

As for waitinglists and Birkin bags he thinks it's all about clever PR from Hermès. I bought my Birkin for my own saved money and will do the same with my Kelly:love: The service I get at Hermès is always great except Copenhagen. I always try to visit the Ginza store when I'm in Tokyo.
Koga said:
Oh nothing special..only unprofessional service which I'm not used to at Hermès. I actually passed on a 30cm golden togo at Hermès Copenhagen.
Thanks Koga. if you had passed on a 30cm Gold Togo Birkin at the Copenhagen store, their service must be really bad! :sick:

Never mind, I'm sure you'll have better luck & more professional service at the Ginza store! :amuse: Remember to bring your husband along!
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I say, you are a bunch of lucky girls! my husband HATES going shopping..:sad2: He has no patience whatsoever, that's why I prefer to go shopping on my own so I can take as long as I want, when I'm with him, if we're in a store for more than 2,5 mins. he starts saying " hurry up, we aven't got all day.." even if he as nothing else to do..

So you see, you are lucky...;)
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duna said:
I say, you are a bunch of lucky girls! my husband HATES going shopping..:sad2: He has no patience whatsoever, that's why I prefer to go shopping on my own so I can take as long as I want, when I'm with him, if we're in a store for more than 2,5 mins. he starts saying " hurry up, we aven't got all day.." even if he as nothing else to do..

So you see, you are lucky...;)
My dad too. You're not alone. :amuse:
duna - You're not the only one. My husband also hates shopping! The good thing is that he doesn't mind when I shop :nuts: :biggrin: Sometimes, I also shop for clothes for him (except suits and trousers) as he's too lazy to go to the store :amuse:

Kelly - You're husband sounds great and so sweet :biggrin: