Husbands and bags

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  1. My hubby is really very good about my nonstop bag buying. He rags on me just a little now and then but usually is pretty tolerant.

    Well we decided to watch our cash flow through the summer because of medical/dental procedures that both of us need and of course we all know how INEXPENSIVE it is to get heath care in the US, even with insurance. :yucky: So I swore off bag buying til fall.

    Unbeknownst to me, he went through my ebay watch page one day (I know you have em too! :P) and last night picked out his favorite, a bourbon Ada and BOUGHT it for me!! :crybaby::heart: It was a 'perk me up' gift because I've had double work since his surgery and he knows I'm exhausted.

    Sometimes hubbys are nearly as great as a new bag. :yes:

    So now I'm going to find out just how heavy it is! LOL
  2. Awww.. What a nice husband :smile: He's a keeper!
  3. aww thanks for posting that sweet story. it kinda makes me feel like my ex boyfriend isnt as worth it as i thought, simpley cuz he looked down on what made me happy, which is handbags and TPF, amongst other things. he'd never do something sweet like that for me, that's for sure!

    i'm so glad your man toy INDULGES in you like that! its awesome!
  4. How sweet Grace. I know you will love the Ada. It's a whole lotta leather and studs. The few times I used mine I actually used it as a tote and also carried a bag. But that was early in my Kooba career....maybe I could handle it now after carrying progressively heavier and heavier bags.

    I'm sorta glad Hubby has never thought of doing that. I watch alot of fake bags to see what they go for! My luck I'd have gotten a real authentic Blue Sienna!!! LOL
  5. Awww what a sweetie.
    My hubby is pretty good about my bag buying habits, but he always takes the mickey out of me about it whenever he can.
    For example, when checking out out ebay account he saw that I bought a Brynne..
    And he says to me " I see you bought a brine (as in fish)" Im like "no its 'brin...or breeeen...I think?"
    And then all he can do is make fishy remarks and warns me that cats will follow me everywhere when I carry my brine around! :rolleyes:

    *tut* :lol:
  6. What a wonderful hubby.

    My spouse swore he was going to leave a big sign for the UPS delivery man that said:

  7. that is so sweet! what a kind hubby. my DH did this too last year - he bought me a bag I had on my watch list (but it was a bag I really didn't want that bad!) but the sentiment was so sweet I kept it! Hubby doesn't complain at all about my bags. He actually likes them. And he has a snare drum obsession (studio musician so he can at least write them off) so he can't complain - the vintage drums he buys are just as much or more expensive than my bags!
  8. "takes the mickey out of me "

    There you go again with that slang...LOL Where does this one originate? Take the Mickey out has no meaning to me. What is a Mickey?

    Everytime Hubby takes a look at my Watch list he cringes. Thinks I want them all. Most time I don't want any of them. I'm watching a Gustto Torlia just because I have one and I want to see how high it goes. My Husband saw that and said "But you already have that bag" in a whiny tone. So just to irk him I tell him I am now collecting duplicates.

  10. See, it's no problem for my hubby cause I always have it up. LOL
  11. Grace123 - thanks for sharing this story! it really put a big fat smile on my face. what a total sweetheart!
  12. WOW! So sneaky of him!

    I should print out this page and "accidentally" leave it on the table... like a little hint. ;)
  13. Haha Halzer. Maybe he confused your "brine" bag with the fishy Lena! That would make a lot of sense. :lol:

  14. Yay for your fabulous hubby surprising you that way! What a total sweetheart!
    And YAY for helping us think of new and sneaky ways to coax our significant others into buying purses for us. :lol:

    My boyfriend would NEVER think to look in my ebay watch list! Now I have to figure out a subtle way to impart this information so he can come to this lightbulb of an idea himself! :idea:

    THANKS GRACE! :yes:
  15. :tender:What a great hubby!! That was so sweet!