Husband work out of State?

  1. Does anybody else's DH work out of state? Mine does and only comes home on weekends and sometime only 3 times a month. Its very hard, just wanted to see if anyone else goes through this....
  2. oh, that's hard! I don't think I could do's hard enough when he travels for work.
  3. Am I the ONLY one who's hubby works out of state?? :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  4. I live in NY. My husband drives to Philly on Monday mornings and doesn't return home until late Thursday afternoon. It has not been a problem. We are doing fine. However, several years ago he worked in San Diego and only came home every six weeks and only stayed for a couple of days. This went on for a little over a year and then he packed it in. It was way too hard.
  5. My DH does not work out of state persay.. but he travels 43 weeks out of the year to most of them.. Leaves Monday morn and returns Friday pm..
    It makes it hard at times but then fun at times there is good and bag oops did I say bag.. I meant bad!!! lol..
  6. My DH works out of state, but differntly than yours.

    My DH is a regional Director of a Co and his region is a triangle shape, from Texas straight up to Minnesota, over to Maryland, down to Florida and back to Texas; EVERYTHING in that triangle.
    So he's gone usually 3-4 days/week pretty much every week.
    We adapted, it works fine for us:yes:
  7. We live in No. Virginia and my husband took a job in Bev.Hills, CA. It's temporary---I'm finishing my teaching contract and then we will move, but we still have about 5 months to go. We only see him one long weekend a month. We've adapted, but it's hard for our boys--they're four year old.
  8. My BF works in NYC and we have an apt. in Manhattan. My job is to pack, sell and consolidate our stuff (while taking breaks to visit TPF :smile: ) to completely move out there in spring. He comes to MN about 2 weekends a month and I fly out there whenever he cannot come. He also travels all over. It is very hard!
  9. DH travels alot. sometimes overnight and then over a week or two. but i have come to understand myself alot! i am very indepedent and don't really need him around. now understand that he is my heart and soul and i love him completely- but im quite busy with the two kidlets and i know he loves his job----- and - i - love him. (did i mention he gives great gifts!) hehehe
  10. Awww.. hugs.

    My boyfriend and I live across the ocean from each other atm. :sad: I'm at school in Hawaii and he's at school in California. We see each other about once a month for 3-4 days during school and over all the breaks, of course. It's pretty hard. Luckily we're both graduating this Summer... so we'll be together soon. We've been doing this for a year... lots of crying but I think it has made us stronger and definitely makes our time together sweeter/makes us appreciate just being together more.
  11. When my husband first started, he worked out of state. Now we live abroad. He still travels, but much less and only for a day or two at a time. I remember those days when he worked out of state, but it wasn't so hard for us since we didn't have kids yet and I was busy myself.
  12. I'm not married yet, but you are not the only one. Bart is gone a lot for his business, and is often out of the country 2-3 weeks per month. This makes things incredibly difficult on our relationship and he has promised he will slow things down and hire someone for his company before the baby comes, but it's important that he gets these very importent clients out of the way right now before the baby gets here. But when he is here, it's absolutely wonderful :smile:

  13. If its hard for you, imagine how hard it is for your husband. He has to work the whole time AND doesn't get to see you often. Make him a sandwich and show him some lovin'
  14. My boyfriend of 2 yrs has worked out of the state and come home on weekends for the past year. At first it pissed me off but now I am used to it.
  15. My boyfriend lives in Florida and I am in Ohio for school.
    We visit on breaks, and he is planning a visit in two weeks, Yay! We, on average, see each other at least once a month.