Husband victim of anti-semitic comments

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  1. My husband is a trucker/courier for a small, local company-he does the same type of work that a UPS driver does-but, like I said, for a small, privately owned outfit.

    Anyway-today he went into a mailroom in Manhattan to make a pick up-he said he goes to this particular mailroom quite a lot and is friendly with the 2 managers-a woman of Spanish heritage and an African-American man. Hubby said recently they have had some helpers in this mailroom, all young-ish (early to mid 20s) African -American men. Hubby is Jewish and looks it-people always peg him as Jewish even without hearing his name.

    Anyway-he said today when he went into the mailroom, they were all talking and joking and he joined in (he always does this-he likes to talk and joke around with everyone)-he said everybody in the mailroom was laughing with the exception of one young man who was sitting in the corner, giving hubby the evil eye and not cracking a smile. As hubby was about to leave, the non-smiling young man came closer to hubby and said :

    "Man, I don't know why you all are so upset over what Mel Gibson said-he's just speaking the truth-everyone knows about the Jews man". Hubby said he was shocked and he just looked at the guy and said "Hey, why don't you keep your ignorant, racist comments to yourself?" and walked out.

    he called me and said he couldn't believe that this guy not only thinks this stuff-but, says it out loud (hubby said it was said loud enough for everyone to hear) like he is proud of it! :wtf: Hubby said he can't wait to go back to that mailroom another day and see if anybody says anything about it, amkes apologies for this guy or what not.

    I just can't believe people think things like this towards jewish people or any race/ethnic/religious group! UGH!
  2. What is wrong with people! Sorry to hear your husband had to go through that.
  3. Unfortunately some people still don´t understand different people and don´t get that the things they do or say hurt someone. Sorry for your husband.
  4. There are bottom-dwellers on every corner. Best policy is to just ignore them.
  5. Ugh - what an ass. Sorry your hubby had to hear that.
  6. aww Nishi I'm sorry your hubby had to hear that...some people are just crass ignorant fools.
    I'm glad your hubby said something back though!
  7. A few years ago I was at the gym and was talking to a girl who works there (she was pretty young) who I was friendly with. This thin man with a long nose came in to work out, and the girl turned to me and said "He looks like a JEW to me." And I said "What makes him look like a Jew to you?" And she said "He just does!" and I said, "Do I look like a Jew to you?? Because I AM!"

    OMG, she was so friggin HORRIFIED!! (The man in question was Catholic, btw, lol) But that will teach people to judge by appearances. Oh, she was sooooo embarrassed! And it served her right!!

    Anyway, I would just take the man's comments for what they are worth: He's ignorant. There are ignorant people everywhere. ;)
  8. I am so sorry. I am jewish and I can't stand it when people say things like that. Its almost as if jew jokes have become more socially acceptable.... It really DISGUSTS me......
  9. I just cannot grasp why someone would dislike another simply because they have a different religion. :shrugs: Aren't ALL religions against hate?
  10. Erm the guy works in a mailroom and has no friends. He sits in a corner, being the "kewl observer" of everyone else, then passing his judgments alone.

    DSM IV anyone?!:rolleyes:

    This is not a healthy profile for a person, but please send your husband hugs (in a non-odd/inappropriate way LOL) anyway!:smile:

  11. I'm sorry your husband had to deal with that. As a person who has dealt with my fair share of racism I hate to hear about others who are sujected to it. But it seems like your husband handled it well.
  12. Ugh!:throwup: People can be so ugly, its vile. Some people really don't understand, and thus are just plain RUDE.:yucky:
  13. :wtf: I am shocked that there are seriously people like that in this world.
    I am glad to hear that your husband got a response in. I probably would have stood there dumbfounded.
  14. If your husband had been my friend's six year-old daughter, s/he'd have said:

    "He's a Bum Bum head!":P

    I think that little children speak with profound wisdom at times....;)

  15. Thats awful - it would make me sooooooooo mad!