husband treating me to my first chanel

Definatley go with the black caviar medium flap, it is more of a timeless classic. I bought it for myself last week and out of all the bags I have (trust me- I have alot!), it is my fav. I still just take it out of the box to admire it!
How nice of your beloved to do this.
If I was the lucky girl I would go with whatever was most versatile with my wardrobe, in my case it would be the black caviar.
But then again........the white sounds really nice too....oh I'm confused now!! hahahaha
I would also go with a classic flap in black caviar. (I own one of these myself.) White bags have been "hot" for the past couple of seasons, but I just don't find them very flattering on me--I'm a pale white woman with brown hair! However, I would caution that I don't really consider the medium size as an "everyday bag." For me, it's more of an evening bag size.
black for your first.
white patent is hard to take care in some ways because once you get a stain or mark on becomes almost impossible to get rid of.

Good luck with your decision, let us know!
Definitely if it's your first bag, I WOULD say, BLACK would be a good purchase. I just bought the JUMBO flap and I like it a lot, as it holds a lot as compared to the medium sized one. Depending on your usage and purpose, you might want to go one size up. Again you can not go wrong with black.

I nearly purchased the white jumbo flap but realized that it was not practical for a daily bag and because I travel a lot, I AM sure the security belts would get my bag dirty when the security guys/gals take it out of the bin and onto the belt..
I saw the white patent IRL, and it is gorgeous. Nevertheless, I would go with the black caviar. I think in the long run it would be a much wiser decision. Congrats on your upcoming purchase.
u know, my SA told me she would never recommend white patent bag because when you carry it on shoulder and it starts rubbing against your clothes, color from your top can be rubbed onto the white patent and nothing, nothing can remove that stain. So I also vote for the black caviar flap.