Husband totally wrecked it for me! LOL!


Apr 10, 2009
Oh husbands! I see it too but still love the tassel. How are you liking your Melie? It looks so beautiful with the tassel charm.


Jan 7, 2014
San Francisco
O.K. so a FEW months ago I did a reveal of my new bag charm tassel. I never mentioned the purchase to my husband... he never notices anything...So TODAY he says to me oh I did not know Louis Vuitton was now making fishing Lures??? I am like???What do you mean??? He says the bag charm on your hand bag would make a great tuna lure. I lost it really...he wrecked it for me...every time I look at it I see a LV Squid. At least its multi-functional . So worth it... Too funny take a look. LOL

Listen, do
You wear bags for yourself and other women? Or
For your husband and his friends? The men I've encountered (obviously my Fiancé and also American men) have little to no fashion sense. I would NEVER look at
Your tassel charm and think a fishing hook. I hope it makes you feel better to know that if other women make the fishing connection, they probably don't know much about bGs or LV in general! Just think about us and those in the big city.
I love your charm and I'm sure a lot of
people here do, too![emoji4][emoji173]️