Husband totally wrecked it for me! LOL!

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  1. O.K. so a FEW months ago I did a reveal of my new bag charm tassel. I never mentioned the purchase to my husband... he never notices anything...So TODAY he says to me oh I did not know Louis Vuitton was now making fishing Lures??? I am like???What do you mean??? He says the bag charm on your hand bag would make a great tuna lure. I lost it really...he wrecked it for me...every time I look at it I see a LV Squid. At least its multi-functional . So worth it... Too funny take a look. LOL

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  2. Hehe.
  3. ha! Way to burst your bubble. Well, at least he did not give you a hard time about the purchase ;)
  4. LOL! Love it! Thx for sharing.
  5. tassels are an in thing these days. lovely purchase :biggrin:
  6. so he probably doesn't know how much you really spent on it hehe
  7. :giggles:
  8. LOL. Maybe someone from the creative design dept in LV got the inspiration from his hobby :P
  9. Don't let him borrow it. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  10. Lol! Ur hubby is funny! [emoji4]
  11. Oh great. I have one so now I will have that visual LOL! Although now that you post that picture, he's kinda right.
  12. True dat. But I still love it [emoji48]
  13. so funny!!!!
  14. :lol: Too funny
  15. Rofl.
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