Husband Ticked Me Off...Only to Surprise Me!!!!!

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  1. DH was pushing my buttons as I had a stressful day at school and I just wanted to go home. He dragged me out to dinner and was rather cheerful even though from what he had mentioned it had been a tedious day for him as well. I was starting to feel a little better after eating some dinner after a long day. When we got home, I got irritated when he told me to take another bag of trash out even though he had just taken most of everything to the curb already.

    So...I irritatingly step outside and as I step off of the stoop I just go :nuts: as there is a big brown bag sitting on the driveway!!! :yahoo:I squeal and quick run the bag of trash I'm carrying to the curb, pick up the brown bag and expediously take it into the house. I was SOOO proud of my DH because he can NOT keep secrets. Even for Christmas I always know my presents and get them early cuz he can't wait. So he tells me to hurry up as I'm just staring at the bag curious as to what he could possibly have gotten me. Cuz, duh, I'm supposed to be on a ban here people!!!

    Okay, well, quick teaser I swear! Here's the pic of the bag and 3 dust bags. Guess if you like but I won't keep people waiting too long.

  2. But it is SOOO much fun making you angry hun!:devil:
  3. your story is so cute. is it a speedy?
  4. lol is everyone's husband on the forum now? Congrats!
  5. omgosh what is it :smile:
  6. Please reveal soon - it's way past my bed time.
  7. He's actually been viewing things on the forum since I joined but he's always spying on my posts so I told him to just join already and give me some peace!! Besides, he owns a few LV things so I guess it's alright, lol. :heart:
  8. oh this is CRUEL- we need pics!
  9. hello, welcome husband!!! :flowers: us your goodies....!!!!!:graucho::heart:
  10. Okay, I know it's almost my bedtime too. So here ya go...


    My Bowling Montaigne PM in Ivoire and the mini pochette and the smallest Neverfull. Apparantly I'm a nerd and thought my SA meant I couldn't get them until JUNE 28th when she meant May. Woo hoo!!! Just gotta love em! :heart::heart::heart:
  11. YooHoo~~~~~ :dothewave: sweet!!!! congrats!:tup::heart:

    good job husband!! lol :tup::tup:
  12. oh CONGRATS I LOVE THEM ALL. Seriously they're all on my list. HOTNESS. The bowling montaigne is the hottest of them all. YUMMY! Your hubby rocks!
  13. Very nice - Congrats! You get to update your signature!

    (and G'night!)
  14. Beautiful items! Of course hes okay to join, if anything we need more males here. I should tell the bf he needs to start spending time here too lol.
  15. Wow, so jealous right now. LV just makes me and my bf fight, seriously.