Husband Shops for LV

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  1. Hello everyone, I am new to TPF and love the site!

    I thought I might share my husband's experience when he went Christmas shopping for a LV Manhattan GM bag for me...

    To begin with we were planning a trip to West Palm Beach and I wanted the Manhattan GM, knowing it would go nicely with the clothes I was taking on the trip. And after all it was WPB...I don't think they let you into the Breakers without a LV bag. hahaha.

    So, being that I work with my husband, I emailed him a hint list for Christmas and listened carefully to him in the next office- to see if he hit the floor when he saw the price. He stayed upright - which was a good sign.
    As a woman, we are use to the prices - but this was the first major bag I asked him to buy for me.

    And even though I checked stock for him in Beverly Hills (nice wife that I am- hehehe) he waited until he was at the store in south OC to purchase.

    Apparently he surprised the SA when he walked in asked just for that bag and purchased it no questions asked. Maybe it also was because he was in jeans, tee shirt and ball cap - but never-the-less she seemed surprised according to him and ladies shopping seem to pay close attention to what he was buying.

    As he left the store with the large shopping bag containing the large boxed handbag, he said he felt the eyes of many women - not on him but the shopping bag from LV.

    When he entered the parking lot, two ladies passed him and one commented loud enough for him to hear "GOOD MAN!!".

    He was so proud of himself and his purchase - everytime I wear my LV Manhattan GM - I remind him that I think it should be called LV Man GM (GM for Good Man). We have a good laugh about it and I am pleased he enjoyed the experience, because I love the bag.:heart:

    I will take picture over the weekend and post it, it's a beautiful bag.
  2. Awww what a cute story! CONGRATS, and can't wait to see pics!
  3. Thanks, I thought it was sweet of him and that it was a feel good thing for him - not just an emptying of the wallet...for my pleasure.

    Wow, you have a nice collection!:smile:

    I only have two LVs.
    The other is a pink Vernis.
  4. Welcome to tpf! Cute story - and great bag! :love:
  5. What a cute story! Your huband sounds like a real sweetie!
  6. aww such a sweetie :love: cant wait to see the pics
  7. Welcome, first of all... What a sweet husband! Thanks for sharing the story.
  8. Aww that's cute.
  9. Yeah, he is sweet - thanks for the warm welcome to the community from all of you.

    What fun to chat and share a common interest with ladies all over the world...esp. while stuck at the office.

    I have never been big on chat sites and the such - until now! Now I am hooked.

    Here is a picture while at WPB an event - with my LV GM.

    I will take a better picture this weekend, look forward to sharing in the bag madness....
    me with lv bag rsa.jpg
  10. My hubby loves to shop at LV and Tiffany because he gets so much attention and great service walking around the mall with those bags. Hopefully your husband will get addicted to that feeling and get you more things from LV.
  11. What a sweet husband! Congrats!
  12. Great story! I wish I was that succinct while shopping at LV :p
  13. Yes, I think my husband enjoyed it all.

    My ex-husband was very accustom to it all and the things he bought me were great ( I was more into Gucci and Dior, at that stage of my life)- but in the end the things were not worth the amount of crap associated with that guy.

    I left him - didn't care if it meant soup and knock-offs - he was bad news. Toxic with a wallet - he was.

    Now, I am happy and want to ease my new husband into the madness gently - so I think it was a great experience for him.:angel:

    I find myself into LV and Chanel more now...and I love them both!
  14. great story thanks for sharing, it was so nice hearing about the experience. Thanks for sharing the picture too, it's cool to put it altogether. And welcome to tpf, looking forward to more of your posts!
  15. lol. cute story!~
    you have a great hubby!