Husband said no purse ban while we are in Vegas!!

  1. Yeah baby! My husband and I are headed to Vegas at the end of May (it's my 1st time there) and my DH said that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas so I can get a LV even though I am supposed to be on a big time ban. So, I need your help on what I should look for when I get there. I think I have enough mono so I am thinking about either an azur speedy 30, something in vernis, a denim neo speedy or I think I could even get a MC speedy. I already have a white MC trouville and a black MC petite noe. Please help.. thanks.
  2. I think you should get a very special bag while you're in Vegas. Something LE, if possible. Since you get to break your ban, do it big!!!
  3. Hooray for the "no LV ban" in Vegas! If you don't have denim yet, why not a neo speedy? That would be a great addition to your collection! Have fun and make sure to share your LV when you get back from Vegas!
  4. YAY! No Vegas purse ban!! If I went I would either get the Neo Speedy or something Vernis... hmm but the MC Speedy sounds nice (in black)!
  5. What a great hubby! :yahoo: I agree with Texas Girl and think you should get something seasonal... if not, the Neo Speedy (just cause you already have some MC items, otherwise I'd go for the MC Speedy) would be a great addition to your collection! Have fun!!!
  6. That's awsome news! Pomme roxbury? Definitely somethng LE, u want hand held, shoulder bag, tote, or evening bag?:nuts:
  7. i'd say either something LE or the denim! :smile: have fun in vegas!
  8. I am lovin the denim neo speedy because of all the great pics posted lately and I really do like handheld over a shoulder bag. I never thought I would pay $1910 for a MC speedy bag but once you go over $1500 whats a few more dollars, right. A roxbury would be different but I might not use it enough. Keep the suggestions coming!!
  9. :roflmfao: :yes: I agree!! since you already have MC, go for something else ... pomme brentwood?
  10. hooray! You must go all out with this one!
  11. WHo:huh:O!!!! SHOP till you DROP!!!!!:devil:
  12. sounds like we'll be in vegas at the same time! lets meet and decide together what our men are going to buy us! :wlae: have fun!!!
  13. Your husband is AWESOME! Have a blast in Las Vegas. And good for you for planning ahead... I was there just about a year ago and was so overwhelmed by all of the LV, I couldn't even make a decision on what to buy. I came home with shoes and jewelry and makeup and no LV, can you believe it? (But Elux and I are good friends now, haha.)
  14. neo speedy
  15. you could get the azur speedy + something in vernis!