Husband just bought this on E-Bay

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  1. That's funny!
  2. AHAHAHA, I think it's funny!
  3. That's hilarious !!
  4. O my !!!!
  5. hahhahaahhaahah..:lol: :lol: :lol: "husband is losin it" ROFL
  6. Wow, that is an interesting mug LOL
  7. I LOVE monkeys!!!
  8. ROFL, how did he come across that mug on ebay?

    It's cute and hilarious!
  9. Lololol!
  10. OMG my friend would LOVE that - he's a monkey fiend! lolll
  11. LOL it's a gift being able to find that on Ebay!!!! :nuts: Chapeau for the gentleman!!!!
  12. Omg...
  13. All men I know seem to find monkeys HILARIOUS. I don't know what it is... But they seem to make men giggle, lol.
  14. OMG *wipes coffee off keyboard*, that's hilarious!