Husband is going to Belize and I am going to LV

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  1. My DH is a college professor and for the last couple of years he has taken students to Belize and Costa Rica for class study. This year the college has put on hold all international travel so he was pretty bummed about it. He has decided to go on his own for about 5 days - he wanted me to go but we are already going to Vegas and my Mom and Dad are watching our 1 1/2 and 5 year old kids. I have to work anyway and my idea of a vacation is having air conditioning, a hair dryer outlet and a place with no bugs or snakes falling from trees- my worst nightmare (He likes to rough it)

    So, in trade I get to buy a bag in Las Vegas, I have been on a purse ban and it will be 6 months since I have bought anything LV- that's a record for me.

    He did say- better make it good because it has to last for a long, long time so my top two contenders are: black MC Speedy or Neverfull tote GM and a vernis or denim cles and maybe some other accessories. I think I have ruled out any bags in Vernis and denim- just to easy for potential stains and color transfers for me. I like the damier and epi but just not as much as monogram. I was thinking for awhile about the Fersen, it might be a bit pricey and too big for me since I am a shorty. So, I need your help - Buy big and take home a MC speedy or buy quantity with the new tote and accessories? Any other suggestions? HELP!!!
    I already have :
    mono speedy 30
    montsouris backpack
    Mc white trouville
    MC black petite noe
    panda pouchette
    Mc white agenda
    groom cles
    pouchette florentine

  2. Get the Neverfull and lots of accessories to go with it.
  3. Neverfull and accesories!! Have fun in Vegas!!
  4. I agree the neverfull and accessories. You already have a speedy and you don't have a monogram shoulder bag yet. The mc trouville is very similar in style with the mc speedy and you have a mc in black already. Let us know what you decide!:smile:
  5. I vote Neverfull too -- it's going to be a fun, classic summer bag.
  6. Neverful and the new Eugenie wallet ;)
  7. Get the Neverfull + MC Agenda!!!
  8. I vote Neverfull
  9. make it a good one eh? get the riveting!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I would go with the Neverfull and lots of fun accessories -- the denim cles, a new wallet, etc. Then more for your money! And since you already have a speedy and some black MC, the Neverfull won't duplicate something that you already have.
  11. What, no Black MC speedy enablers? The neverfull tote & accessories seems to be the favorite so far. Thanks.
  12. Another one for neverfull and accessories.. you've already got some MC pieces, so a larger shoulder bag would add more variety ! :yes:
  13. Have a ball in Sin City!
  14. Sorry- but another vote for the neverfull and lots of accessories!