Husband has said no more bags:(...

  1. This really sucks...for the most part I buy my own handbags and husband has said no more. He only bought me one bag. I am furious right now...I get married and the guy tells me how to spend my own money. It is one fun hobby after pilates. I never go to dinner or anything...he thinks a few bags in one year is way too much....well the heck with what he thinks...I make my own $$$$ and will buy what I want...he seems to notice if something is new...I feel like I have to hide my purchases. Life is too short and if something makes you happy why not induldge a little. He just does not get it....what do I do???? :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: Purse hating husbands suck!!! He rather I save and have no fun and not be in fashion. If I carried a target bag for 10.00 he would be happy....this majorly sucks..I am sooo psssst right now. THe nerve to tell me no more more sex for him how would he like I pay for my own bags except for the one he bought me...this is not fair is it???:cursing:
  2. LVpug, if can afford your own bag, buy them! I really don't thinki your hubby should tell you no more handbags! However, if this someway ruining your finances or something, then you should really think about it. But if you guys still have money left, and can afford the luxiries, then your hubby does suck! Keep buying your bags, girl!
  3. i am not ruining the finances...have my own cc and a bit of debt which I take care of...not affecting other things..I work and make my own allowance or anything..some husbands buy their wife lots of stuff...I buy my own and he says no you should save it for us...I am not listening I buy what I want and pay for it myself...
  4. This is a good one, stick with that plan. Sometimes guys think better with their other head!:yes: Before you know it, he'll be seeing it your way!:graucho:
  5. I understand where you are coming from but remember, you are a married couple and that means you work as a team. He has to understand your love for LV and you have to try to understand and see why he is saying no more. He may have a concern that you are not aware of. Once you have understood each other, you negotiate and come to an agreement where you are BOTH satisfied.
  6. It's understandable if he wanted to secure your future first, or save for an emergency. I agree with poshinstyle about being a team. Perhaps you can make some sort of compromise! :yes:
  7. lol :roflmfao: but i think that is true. i think that if you are buying your own bags, it shouldn't be a problem. ibut i'm sure that your hubby is just trying to look out for you.

    my dad is the same thing with my mom. he'll notice any new bags and he'll be like 'what? another new bag?' my mom will just answer, "what you mean? this is old, dont you remember?"
  8. He is being really unfair IMHO.

    If you make your own money and are responsible financially, he is way out of line by saying "no more bags".
  9. This is why I don't have a husband. My cats don't mind when I buy new bags. When I was living with my ex-boyfriend we fought about money all the time...he actually gave me an allowance (never again would I allow that but I was younger and *in love*)...I can only imagine what he would say about my expensive hobby now.

    I think you should split your shared expenses (in per portion to your salary) and whatever is left over you can do whatever you want with. It's your money and you earn it.
  10. Does your husband have any expensive habits too? Wouldn't be fair if he did and didn't scale down too. Does he want the LV money used elsewhere like for investments for the both of you? As the other ladies have mentioned, I think some sort of compromise would be best. How to reach that, I'm not quite sure. . .:P
  11. Blah, my bf starts in with this all the time. He gives me lip about when I go shopping and buy a new bag or clothes and then reminds me about how poor we'll be next year after we graduate. However, I've always had a good financial head on my shoulders - I have one savings account that I don't touch. He says he hopes I don't spend his money like that, but I remind him that I'll never spend his money like that, I'll work and use my own for my personal must-haves.

    How about compromising with your husband and start saving a portion of your paycheck to go toward a new bag? It'll make him happy, and although you might have to wait a bit, just imagine how good you'll feel when you get that new bag! :yahoo:

  12. Great advice.:yes:
  13. I know a husband who'd be sleeping on the sofa for a very long time if he tried to put down a rule like that :lol: But I agree with poshinstyle in that you need to find a compromise that both of you can live with.
  14. I thought you were on a ban and not buying lv anymore ?
  15. LMAO Blue and Icechick!! :smile: