Husband found my purse fund stash

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  1. DH put me on a LV ban since I got my Speedy Mirage & Graffiti speedy back to back. I thought I was very crafty and over a couple of months put away $580.00 cash in an empty baking soda can. I thought it was safe since DH never cooks much less bakes! I return from errands, I find my daughter and DH baking cookies. Yes, it is a sweet scene but I immediately know my DAMIER Ebene 30 fund is gone! :cursing: DH smiles and says it is going to pay bills. Only you people of this great purse forum can understand. I needed the Damier Ebene 30 for when the weather is bad. :crybaby:
  2. that plain sucks. lol. but atleast he wasnt mad!
  3. How awful! He smiled and said it was going to the bills........ those better be some awesome cookies! You do need a Damier Speedy for the rainy days!! Maybe you should hide your purse cash in a box in a little hole outside? Ok that might be a little extreme haha
  4. Aww, that really sucks. Sorry to hear about it. Maybe you can hide it somewhere else next time... and you were so close too. :s Maybe you can sell some things around the house or some stuff you don't need to fund the Speedy. Feel better!! :flowers:
  5. that sucks...maybe he will change his mind
  6. damn that sucks

    *hugs* nevermind, just start a new fund in a more sneaky place hehe
  7. That stinks...You need to find a new place to hide the money.
    I hid money once to fund a So silly. I put it in a LV box right next to my dvd player. He'd never open one of those boxes as he's sick of seeing them.
  8. that really sucks..but i don't you're husband fund your purses? then i can understand but if it's from money that you earned should spend it ;)
  9. That really stinks, but at least he didn't get mad. If I did that, I would have been in big trouble!
  10. busted! Just think of another place to hide the $ next time in your boots or something :graucho:
  11. Wow, I would have been so mad at my husband if he took my money that I'd saved. We don't always agree with each other's purchases, but we do respect each other's privacy and dicision making. You should at least make sure he uses the money for BILLS and not something else. :push:
  12. payback would hurt is C/C after that one. I would charge the bag, he would learn fast that me saving for a bag is a good thing.
  13. That sux. On the other hand, my Mirage Speedy holds up extremely well in rain, snow and any other weather too.
    I'm glad I don't have to hide my purchases from my husband. Yes, I get in trouble sometimes, but I think honesty is always the best in the long run. For our marrigae anyway.
  14. oh crap!!!! That sucks - but at least he wasn't mad! Then again, you must be furious!!!! A couple of my hiding places: in sock(s) in the sock drawer, deep jacket pockets hanging in back of closet, air condition vent! lol.... Hope it doesn't take you too long to recoup! ;)
  15. sorry to hear that...