"Husband Creates Food Art for Prego Wife on Bed Rest" (so sweet!!!)

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  1. Why didn't my husband do anything like th at for me!? That jerk, lol :P

    Nah, just playing. Very sweet story!
  2. awe!!!!what a great hubby!
  3. Awe! Love the eggs snuggling on the bridge! Sooooooooo cute! Do you think the husband was a woman with many children in a previous life? ;)
  4. Love it, so creative! I think I found a new avatar.
  5. how sweet and adorable!!! Hope everything works out for them and they welcome a healthy baby boy in December!
  6. Amazing story. Thanks so much for posting. Brightened my day.
  7. :woot::woot:
  8. Thanks for posting the link to this story, Dawn. I got a little weepy at this part,
    Despite the many complications that have arisen, Shirley says she is very grateful for the “precious life” thriving inside of her. “I treasure the opportunity to do what I can to bring a healthy baby into this world and into our lives.”
    Is it my hormones or just that I feel super lucky to not be experiencing 1/10 the complications she is experiencing? Perhaps it is the guilt I'm feeling - my DH pointed out this morning that I haven't been taking care of myself - I'm still trying to function at the same level of intensity at work, coordinate moving and dealing with my three year old who is acting like ... a three year old.
  9. Those are so sweet! What a wonderful guy :smile:
  10. So touching! I wonder what's his occupation?!
  11. Probably something manly like Lumberjack! :biggrin:
  12. Too cute!
  13. Beautiful :smile:
  14. That is the sweetest thing I've ever read. I'm not a mushy person by nature, but eggs cuddling together totally left me weepy-eyed...