Husband bought FAKE Balenciaga on eBay - NEED info to get $$$ Back!!

  1. Oh man ... here my husband thought he was doing a good deed, and I get emails/PM's noting that the bag is a fake!!!!!

    Here's the eBay info: #290066354553

    Stunning BALENCIAGA 100% Authentic Bronze Handbag BNWT

    According to the Balenciaga --> Place for the Fakes (, this bag had been sold previously to another bidder and they were able to get their money back.

    I can't get into eBay from work ... can anyone provide me with the particulars (eBay #, Bidder ID, Date auction ended, etc.) ... so that I can get in touch with the seller and GET MY MONEY BACK!!!

    THANK YOU!!!
  2. How come when you click on the link, it takes you to PayPal?!?!? WTH??!??! And NO, I did not log in.
  3. Swanky ... I can't get into eBay from work, so if I click on your links I get "Access Denied"!

    Can someone just provide me with the prior eBay Auction ID, the Date/Time that the Auction closed and the winning Bidder's eBay ID? That's what I'm looking for ... THANKS!!!
  4. I put the wrong link in ... it was the link from my Paypal Account (which I can get into when at work :confused1: )!!
  5. The previous auction ended on 12/28/06 at 09:07:28 PST. The auction number is 290064748111. I'll PM you with the previous winner's id. It sold for GPB 350.
  6. Oh man - thebideasy!!!:push:

    I don't trust them one bit, i believe they may well sell superfake Chloe' has been discussed before over on the Chloe forum.:sad:

    I'm sorry to hear that you've had this bad experience, and i hope you get your money back soon xx:yes:
  7. Your hubby was tryin' to do something nice and it's ruined thanx to some scummy seller on eBay. :cursing: I hope you get your money back.
  8. I know ... he was trying to 'surprise' me, but he's now been CUT-OFF from using my eBay ID forever!!!! He did this before (many moons ago) with an L/V bag (which was also fake) ... you would have thought he had learned his lesson from that fiasco!!
  9. So ... I sent off an email to the seller, with all the particulars (previous eBay ID, Date of Auction Close, previous eBay Bidder ID, etc.) and indicated that I wanted a COMPLETE refund!!!

    The answer I got back was "What is your question?" :cursing: :confused1:
  10. I think this selller is selling multiple fake bronze b'bags? Or constantly reselling the same one? Here is an auction for which the bidder filed a SNAD:
    ended Oct 14, buyer=maguildford, auction #290037891173. This one also sold for 350 GBP.
  11. Susan-Eric -

    Pardon my ignorance ... what is a SNAD?
  12. Yeesh ... meanwhile, I've gotten another response and it's NOT pretty!!! He's saying that my 'claim' is preposterous ... BLA BLA BLA. :yucky:
  13. I'm pretty sure it's 'sold not as described'