Husband asking you for lv artsy gm advice

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  1. This guy posted this thread in several different areas of this subforum...
  2. I'm 5'8'' too and even if I don't own the artsy GM, I tried it and I thought it was the perfect size for me!
  3. I think the GM will be fine on her... When the bag is empty it looks bigger... When there is stuff weighing down the inside slightly, the bag is beautiful and doesn't look as bulky.
  4. again, many thanks for all your input as i heeded most of your advice. i did call LV and they did confirm that they'd be able to exchange after the deadline. yet, the "mm" or "gm" size had to be addressed & it was kind of stressful for a guy like me. thus i was able to subtly suggest that it would be prudent to give her an early bday present now--it's the big "3" "0". thus, i presented her with it this morning....she thought it was going to be jewelry--a necklace-- but she was still "surprised" & shocked!---she loved it!

    she was so delighted, loved the style of the purse...when i mentioned that it came a bit smaller, she gave it some thought. she said the gm would be a good traveling bag but, with the mm, she'd use it more often, more versatile for her lifestlye. so, we exchanged it and the mm should arrive shortly.

    albeit she got her present early, it still was a surprise in many ways--she understood why i leaned on giving it to her earlier. plus, she'll get to enjoy it & appreciate it as it should be. again, thanks for all your help!

  5. I think you did the right thing by giving it to her early...I was going to say since she carried medium sized bags that the MM size would probably be better for her but I was too late on this glad she loved it and I'm sure she's going to enjoy it....very nice and thoughtful of you to gift her such a beautiful gift.....