Husband asking you for lv artsy gm advice

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  1. hello gals,
    sincere appreciation for anyone who can give me their 2cents. here's my deal: i recently purchased the artsy gm as a suprise gift for my wife. she's 5'8" 1/2 and of normal build. upon closer inspection of the bag, i am kind of 2nd guessing the size as it is "big." but, in comparison to the mm, it is only 1.6 inches longer, 1.5 inches shorter, and .4 inches less wide. thus, not a significant difference in size.

    i have 30 days to exchange this for a different size but i won't be suprising her until two weeks after the deadline, so i have to make a decision somehow. unfortunately, this is bringing on a little stress and would really, really like advice from purse aficionados like you!

    many thanks for reading & helping
  2. Either size will look great on her, IMO. If she loves big bags, I'd keep the GM.
  3. I think the GM will be perfect. What a sweet husband, she is lucky!!!!
    My husband will usually make my daughters or best friend give him their opinions as well!
    If you have that option you could check with them also!!!
    I hope she has a wonderful celebration!
  4. 5'8" is a perfect height to rock the GM.
  5. I'm sure it will look great! I'm sure she'll love anything from such a kind and thoughtful husband like you :smile:
  6. Does your wife like large bags? I am 5'8 and the GM is too big for my personal liking. I think the MM is plenty big. What sized bags does she normally carry?

    Either way you are such a sweet hubby to surprise your wife with such a nice gift!
  7. sweet of you! Does she prefer bigger bags? If she does then the GM is for her. With her height she'll be able to pull it off...
  8. ladies,
    thank you for your input. i've tried to take into account all aspects of her favorite purses: simple, classy, soft leather. all her purses are "medium" sized--i mean, they are actual purses not really "tote" sized. but, she tends to carry the average amount of "stuff" that women put in their bags. she does, however, have a larger bag for work that's stuffed with folders/papers, but that's about it.

    in considering the artsy gm, i assumed that the paper specs differed slightly from the mm, thus i opted for the larger size. most women said it would be the right size for her except for one male salesperson at LV, who said that he sells more of the mm version. so, i'm finding myself in difficult situation trying to decide. i looked through some of the threads and saw that some ladies were a little shorter than her but still sported the gm. yet, others, who were a bit taller said they had the mm.

    i'd love to give it to her and have her decide herself prior to the exchange deadline but i'd have nothing to surprise her with for her bday. thus, i'm taking all of your advice/suggestions to heart because i literally have no clue! i am most grateful
  9. I think the GM is a good size and not overhwelmingly big unlike the GM Neverfull because of its shape. I say go for the GM! Your wife will surely love it either way!
  10. While I'm sure she will be happy with either size as a gift from you, if you truly want to give her an option here are a few ideas:

    1) You might try talking to the manager at the LV boutique. I've had them extend the exchange deadline when they knew it was a gift to be given later (I bought an Xmas gift in Nov). They were gracious enough to put in writing on my receipt that the recipient had up to two weeks after to exchange.

    2) Otherwise, you might exchange the GM for an MM on day 29. In theory, when the MM is gifted there would be 14 days left on the 30 day exchange.

    Good luck.
  11. this is a really good idea. I really am sure that she will love it either way. If she tends to carry medium sized bags I would exchange for the MM closer to the deadline, and give that to her. Then she will be able to exchange it if she wants.
  12. I've done this as well and the manager was really nice about it. It makes sense when you are giving a gift. Sometimes it's hard to know which size you really want until you try the bag on. Btw, GREAT gift! I think your wife will be very happy! :Partyhat:
  13. I am 5'10" and although I do like big bags, I preferred the smaller sized artsy. I personally felt like the GM would end up being a sac once I got my things in it and I didn't want the bag to he too heavy.

    I would suggest possibly exchanging it closer to the deadline and then getting a gift receipt with the new date. If she doesn't like that size, at least she has another 30 days to change it
  14. im 5 and carrying gm, but if you will give this to her to used it as a tote bag for work load yuo might want to re think because it will be heavy, beleive me .
  15. I am only 5'4 and I have the Artsy GM. I love big bags!! If she loves big bags then it will be perfect, expecially since she's taller:nuts:

    But I have to say that it she wants this as a tote its the wrong style. The handles are rolled so its a bag that you don't want to stuff with books, etc., because its will dig into the shoulder.
    Its fine when you carry regular stuff, but not heavy items. I recommend something with a flat handles for a tote.