1. Im not really sure If I should post this here. But I have a dilemma. I am a member on a trying to conceive and pregnancy forum. I had a missed miscarriage last month and well I had people questioning me on there. For the most part I knew alot of them for a 1 yr or more. Basically they called me a fake and disabled me from posting there. I started crying cause it really hurt for someone to say all that I went through last year (a herniated disk and I had surgery, found out I have crohns, numerous bursting cysts, incompetent drs, and miscellanous infections due to a weak immune system) basically they were saying all that I went through was a lie. It hurt me sooooooooooo much cause I had such a hard time last year and Ive been trying to have a baby for 2 years and had numerous tests done. Im still shook up over it. Sorry I had to vent on my new favorite forum. But i feel really stupid for getting so upset over a forum on the internet. Any suggestions or comments on this? Thanks
  2. eek..So sorry...that completely sucks that they werent there for you.I have 2 kids..had to have a total hysterectomy by age 30..but have 2 AWEsOME GIrls NOW!!!!...WENT THRU 2 MISCARRIAGES..NUMEROUS HEALTH ISSUES...lost twins at 6 mos pregNant.....U CAN GET THRU THIS.!!!!i promise!!!
    I got thru it and I have 2 kids to prove it,lol!They said I couldnt have ANY!
    Be strong.....strong will,and patience will get you thru this!Good luck!
  3. Thank you Jill that means alot to me. It really does. :smile:
  4. I am so sorry you had such a tough time and how awful that the forum wasn't there for you. Stay strong!
  5. im so sorry you went through a miscarriage. screw that forum, it's very mean and inconsiderate of them to assume bad things about your situation. dont worry you have TPF! my mom also went through a miscarriage first, and then she had my older sis, then me and then my little sister was sort of an accident. then she decided DEFINITELY no more. one of her friends has been on birth control for years and it took longer than usual to conceive but she did it at like age 37-39 i think. i hope things work out for you. this may be a tough time but you just have to keep trying :heart:
  6. Ohh..that sounds like terrible treatment from a forum dedicated to helping women with fertility issues!! I don't blame you for being so upset..what horrible misfortunes for you to deal with and then to be shafted:wtf: . And what people close to you say on the forums does matter, some of us have tougher skins than others, some might be able to shake off negativity but especially if you have known them for a year it's disappointing that they collectively shafted you. Just as much as positive and supportive comments can really make us feel better it also hurts when you get negative responses on top of all of the health issues you are dealing with-I'm so sorry you're going through this! Just think of the support here and if you think it's worth your time go back to your other forum, talk to a mod. and try to figure out what went wrong-only if you feel like it's worth it of course, you certainly don't need anymore stress! HUGS!!!
  7. Thanks so much for all the support. I really like it hear and maybe its a good thing that I not go to a TTC forum anymore because I get so caught up in planning and stressing over all the fine details of trying to have a baby. Thanks for all the support again!
  8. ^sometimes we have to STOP trying so hard..then it happens..KWIM???
    I had my kids once i STOPPED OBSESSING OVER WHeTHER i COULD EVEN HAVE THEM....stress doesnt help at all..PERIOD!
    Trust me....I have numerous health issues....was told I couldnt have ANY kids..I now have a healthy 17 yr old and an almost 11 yr old girl...
    U can do it..just dont let it take over yer life.
    Stress sucks.....and soooo wont help an already tough situation..KWIM?
  9. That really sucks.. try to relax and dont get upset over the other forum.. If they dont appreciate you, then u dont want to be part of them!
  10. Thats horrible you don't need people like that!!!!!!!!
  11. I'm sorry that you have to deal with a lot of health problems. I hope that you are coping and managing okay. As you might have notice already, everyone here is very supportive.

    I agree with Jill, we need to stop trying too hard and let the blessing comes, if it's meant to be, it will happen. I'm in the same situation as you are. We have been trying to conceive for about two years now. I'm not pregnant yet. For now, I enjoy spending time with family and friends as I might not have a lot of time to do so when a baby comes.
  12. Oh.. I'm so sorry for that... It must have been hard on you... Anyways.. There's always a next time.. (*I'm almost there... *crossfingers!*)
  13. hey i'm so sorry to hear about the miscarriage. i can only imagine how difficult that must be. be strong, give you and your dh sometime to recover and you can try again.

    As for that forum, it's horrible how they treated you! it's only an internet forum but we develop relationships with ppl on there. like we've developed relationships here through tpf. it's real and it hurts when some person much less a group of them you thought were supportive would accuse you of lying and all that especially when you're going through such a tough time. i'm not sure what's up with them but you're better off staying away from there.

    keep on posting here and we're all here to listen and i'm sure some of the tpfers can share their experiences with you as well.

  14. At this point in society, the internet has become a huge part of most people's lives. I'm on forums pretty much all day given my work situation. Then I start wondering what people've posted in response to my posts and I find myself getting on at night sometimes too. Granted, it's minimal. I'm mostly hanging out with my son or gf at night or on the weekends, but if I have any downtime in between, I'll hop on a browse a bit.'s hard not to let things affect you when you bond and become a part of something like that, but, also realize that people feel they can hide behind the anonymity of their PC, and they feel that affords them the right to be rude or mean or lie or even develop a false sense of security. So given that, try to take what people say with a grain of salt. I can be pretty brash sometimes, but my message would still be the same. Sometimes people take my words of honesty as insults, and really they're not. I just lay it out there..although, I've been trying to do it with a little more compassion lately. In addition, I've been aware of, and involved in online fakers and sometimes when the warning signs are there, people would rather be safe than sorry.
    Just try not to get so involved. Take a step back, get involved in something tangible in your daily life and even though it seems you really want a child, try to let things happen. Sometimes wondrous surprises come along when you're not expecting them.
  15. So true. I've been a part of several communities, and more and more trolls infiltrate the communities. We are often very sensitive to it nowadays, and people who arouse suspicion are prone to accusation/ban/ignore. I have to admit, myself, that I have been ultra-hyper about trolling suspicions and accused people I shouldn't.

    I'm sorry that this happened to you, Samantha.