Hurt so bad I was speechless

  1. Okay dangit, I'm the type of person that will SCREAM at a paper cut. Many times I need to be :censor: because I have such a dirty mouth when it comes to getting hurt. You would think I was a sailor in a previous life.

    Anyways today I was working around the house with my parents over to help. I have been redoing floor's, replacing Front door, appliances and a whole lot of stuff. Well we were finally winding down and finishing a lot of stuff today so it was finally the day to take all the crap to the dump. I was outside by myself loading my dads pickup truck with crap and I took one step wrong and BANG! I stubbed my baby toe. It hurt so bad I shoulda been :censor: up a storm but instead I was :Push: Dead silent:Push: breath:Push: bend over just breath. As I was standing there breathing I was like gee, this is kinda like hitting your funny bone, because I looked at my foot (in flip flops) and all I saw was a tiny bit of skin scratched. Like layer one skin, no biggie. Okay totally confused as why that hurt so bad I stood there and just breathed until the pain passed. Okay, decide to go grab another box and put that in the truck and I look down at my toe again and :amazed: My Pretty Pedicured *RED* nail polish ISN'T nail polish there was blood seeping quickly from under my nail. I reached down and touched my toenail and it just kinda floated :sick: . My baby toes' nail is like 75 percent ripped up from the bedding. I freaked a little internally then slowly walked to the front door that my dad was installing and said, "Get mom and First aid kit please" PLEASE :lol:
    Dad thought it was nothing since he never heard me scream or :censor: .
    Now 5 hours later it is swelling really bad and throbbing, but luckily not much pain. I know when you break a toe is hurts so bad and there isn't much they can do about it. But now it sucks also because summer is upon us and I very well might need a midnight blue pedicure next time.

    If you made it this far, thanks for letting me vent to you and I hope I didn't bore you too much.

    But there is a positive to this! 3 hours after the toe destruction, my first LV arrived in the mail!:heart:
  2. DOAH!:cry: :roflmfao:
  3. omg, this is going to sound horrible but I enjoyed reading your story so much. You have great writing skills and an awesome sense of humor, I felt like I was there experiencing the pain with you and I like the little smiley faces!

    please don't take offense to that and apologies if I did offend you :shame:

    With that said, I'm SOO sorry to hear about your toe. I can imagine the pain; I still remember when I was trying to be a showoff biking down the driveway with no hands. Next thing I know, the nail on my big toe is almost gone! :cry:

    :lol: about the midnight blue nail polish. Eeks, hopefully it gets better soon!
  4. I know that kind of pain. I fractured my toe so badly it was almost a spiral fracture (surgery would have been required). Thankfully it wasn't as bad as the doctor thought but it took months to heal! Get better quick! Can't go for a pedicure in pain.
  5. I've had that happen, only to a fingernail! I hate to tell you this, but it's probably going to fall off entirely before too long. That's what happened to me once it had been loosened by the injury. :Push:

    Hope you feel better soon - take some painkillers!
  6. Ouch! That has happened to me before, only with the pinky nail on my finger.

    Take care of your pinky toe, and feel better soon! :heart:
  7. Oh goodness! I hope you feel better and that it heals in time for summer! :flowers:

    I gashed the underside of my big toe on an escalator back in November. Was wearing red flip-flops. It didn't look like a big deal at first. I've stubbed my toes many times on furniture with no repercussion.. just initial pain that went away. But that time.. after walking half a block, the pain came back and I looked down and under my toe and it was bleeding like a mother. Had to go to emergency for a tetanus shot. :sick:
  8. I'm sorry that happened to you! I would've been in tears! LOL...
  9. I understand this pain. On Easter Sunday I was making dinner and reached into my pantry for a can of chicken stock. Another can fell onto the ring finger of my right hand, right where the nail meets the cuticle. Luckily I have not lost my nail but it is a lovely shade of purple. The pain was indescribable- I have NEVER had a fingernail injury before. I have also hurt my toes and the pain is very similar! Keep ice on it and and keep it elevated. If your toenail is bruised- and more than 30% of it turns purple, go and see a doctor. But in the mean time, keep it iced, elevated and load up on the ibuprofin if you can.
  10. awww! well I am glad the LV made up for it some!!

    You should go to the doctor if it gets any worse :sad:

    at first when I read the title I thought immediately of a cheating boyfriend/husband!
  11. Wow, that is a great story, and with an LV at the end of it!! I hope your toe heals quick. When I was young I lost the nail on my big toe. It was horrible, but it does take about 2 months to grow back. Good luck.
  12. A few months ago I slammed my finger in the car door, which shut all the way. I didnt even notice until I tried to walk away and couldnt because my finger was stuck in the door. I look around and my mom says I went white. It was gross ...the entire nail was blue from blood and stuff. Unforutnatly I didnt know to have it drained so I had throbbing pain for almost a week. If yours really hurts I would suggest going to the doctor to get the blood drained, it'll help a lot. (though its pretty gross)
  13. I shut the door on my big toe yesterday, it hurted so much so I feel your pain. I like your creative use of the smilies. :flowers:
  14. Awwww poor thing, feel better :kiss: I know how painful it can be :cry: I had a door slammed open on my foot 1½ month ago and it still hurts when I walk :shocked::cry: Hopefully you will heal soon and well!!

    And thanks for making me smile, I was taking a break from my maths (eugh :sick:) and your writing skills managed to entertain me for a few. Hehe!! Get better :biggrin: and enjoy your bag hehehehe :love:
  15. Well that story had a :censor: happy ending!!!