Hurt member

  1. I just wanted to let everyone know that diana12457 got in a bad car accident last night and totalled her car and got banged up pretty bad. I just wanted to ask everyone to be thinking of her and send her some sweet messages. She's missing out on the Bordeaux Purse up on eBay right now because now she has to get a new car and it's killing her. For those of you who have met her she wants every color Purse style because that is her favorite style. She said jokingly someone can buy it for her and hold it for her until she can pay. LOL! Being hurt in all she's still thinking about Balenciaga. Just keep her in your thoughts and let her know she has some friends here.
  2. Oh, my! I am sending her my best wishes for a speedy and full recovery.
  3. Oh no...bless your heart diana!!! I'll keep you in my prayers for a speedy recovery! So glad you're still with us! :angel:
  4. Oh my gosh! That is soo sad! I wish her the best! Hopefully she can recover fast!
  5. Ouch Poor Diana! I hope you are feeling better soon:flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  6. Oh no!! I wish her all the best :heart:
    Thinking of Balenciagas is a good sign though - hopefully she'll be back to snagging purses in no time :p
  7. oh no, wish her all the best!!
  8. My prayers go out to her in this tough time!
  9. my prayers r with her
  10. I hope you are feeling better, Diana.
  11. ***Hugs*** and wishes for a speedy recovery.
  12. you're in my thoughts and prayers, diana....please recover soon
  13. oh no diana!!! :crybaby:

    hope you get well soon! :flowers:

  15. OMG! Sending her my best wishes for a speedy and full recovery !!!