1. I don't know if anyone's interested, but elux has the monogram mizi in stock now! SO if you want it, hustle.;)
  2. Hurray.. boo for empty, uncooperative bank account.
  3. it's so pretty! i never knew the front part was a pocket...pretty cool :amuse:
  4. I tried it in person but the mono mizi is just too big for me so I didn't get it although I love the bag.
  5. No way? I'm going to go check it out and drool on it all night long!! :nuts:
  6. Aww.. it's the monogram one. I thought it's the black one from Star's collection. :sad:
  7. How big is the Mizi? I'm terrible. Just bought a BV online tonight and I'm on the waiting list for a Fendi B Bag at NM, but I'm really tempted by the Mizi.... What do you guys think? It's sitting in my shopping cart...