HURRY what do u think

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  1. I think it looks pretty TRASHED. Smells like mothballs too.
  2. I think its seen better days!!! I would wait for one in better shape. JMO.
  3. i guess but if one pops up will u guys let me know?
  4. I will keep an eye out for sure. Dont waste your money on will pop up that looks wayyyyy better!!!
  5. how do u tell this DATE CODE SP1000
  6. Made in France Oct 2000.

    I would pass on this bag. :sad: Definitely wait for one that's in better condition.
  7. Date code = October 2000
  8. yeah, i would say to wait too. Pictures usually look better than in real life, and if pictures show this condition you might get disappointed to see it IRL. I'll keep my eyes out for you :smile:
  9. Definitely wait..IMO, you'll probably be disappointed when you'd get it, due to its poor quality.
    Something better will come along :smile:

  10. Yup..I agree !
  11. k thx i really have never bought an lv from ebay only the stores so this will be a firstimer love all u guys thanks and keep a look out 4 me for a diff backpack
  12. Something better will come along:yes: