Hurry UGG Locarno Boots for $66.90 size 10!!

  1. i like it.. but it's gone.. and it's my size!! :crybaby:
  2. I did a store locator and the got the last pair in size 9.
  3. there's no selling on the forum outside of MP. it's ok to give out your SA name and contact though so you can let others know when you return it and to whom

  4. Theres NO selling allowed on this forum:nogood:
  5. kk then i'll make sure my SA places them on hold.
  6. just an fyi.... i just had the most amazing experience with Nordstrom Customer Service. I took a chance and did their live chat to see if they could find this boot in a size 6. Within seconds the chat person responded that they had found them and have a sales rep from that store contact me immediately. Just ordered them!!!
  7. ^ Lucky you. I did the same thing looking for a size 8. None left anywhere. :crybaby:

    But the CS was awesome, as usual!
  8. No size 7's in any color anywhere, either! :'(
  9. I have the most pleasant online chat services through Nordstrom. I got this boots in size 6 as well.:p Thank you for posting this great deal!!
  10. such a good deal, but i heard ugg runs large
  11. they do run large, i am normally a size 7 and take a 6 in their boots with zip ups and a 5 in their "classic" style.
  12. heat 97, how much did u pay for shipping?
  13. Perfect...does anyone do price match if out of stock...doubt it but I LOVE these..
    Wet, Cold and Chilly in Oregon!
  14. so the store will honor the online price?? i've never done this before so i'm clueless, lol