Hurry to your Dior Makeup Counter NNOOWW!!!!

  1. The new Dior Christmas Ltd Edt has arrived and it is adorable there are two colours available one pink and one brown, selling out fast

    Here are the pics!
    bauble.jpg inside.jpg Dior & trevi.jpg
  2. website pic
  3. looks beautiful on your trevi! :drool:
  4. thanks!
  5. It's so pretty! I definately need it!
  6. I'm going to go get it,thanks for the info!^_^
  7. That is too cute! I definately need to get me one of those.
  8. how much is this? its too cute!!
  9. I want one now!! Thanks!!
  10. BTW, just checked online, and it is going for $90 US at Sephora. They have one choice of color online: copper pink.
  11. Yea I saw this a week or so ago for $90. yikes!
  12. It's cute, but what is it? A lipgloss?
  13. ^^ yes lipgloss.
  14. Hmmm, looksssssss cute.
  15. That looks too cute! I like it.