Hurry! There's some cute Bal Shoes on Bluefly

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  2. Yes, they're very nice... sadly, they're waaay out of my price range. Congrats on getting a pair of sandals, though!! :yes:
  3. You know, this really affirms that I am indeed a bag person. It's like, "$1000 for a bag? Alrighty." But... "$500 for a pair of shoes? NO WAY!!" :P
  4. HAHa! Good for you! Now my wallet is crying ~~~ I lost half of my next Bbag now! Hope it deserves the money!
  5. me tooJira :lol: the shoes won't survive my abuse for long so it's bad investment.

    congrats, Kiki! member nada has the flats in black. very chic. the EB ones are so vibrant. i love bright shoes.
  6. kiki love the sandals! i was just admiring those at barneys here...
  7. Thanks glossie! I saw nada's flats! Her pics helped greatly with my decision.
  8. I never saw or tried it IRL but hoping it's a right impulse purchase.