HURRY-SALE Whiskey Paddy at NM

  1. Lisa just called

    She has a Whiskey Paddy available for $1050! This is the only one she has if anyone is interested so HURRY!

    Lisa Hamlin Troy, MI NM
    (248) 635-8442
  2. oh wow that's such a great deal!!! hurry everyone! get it :biggrin:
  3. I know! I wish I could get it! I love my mousse paddy so much, I want another one! BUT I cannot buy any more bags for a while.

  4. Oh wow, I wish I could get it! But I can't buy any more bags at the moment..I hope a PF member gets it. It's such a great deal!
  5. SOLD to a PF Member. :flowers:
  6. GUESS WHAT....MY BAG SHOULD BE HERE TOMORROW:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: I am soooooo excited!! My boyfriend said he would help me post pictures when we get back home to Colorado this weekend. I can't thank you enough Jag for the heads up on the bag.
  7. You saved over $500! Congrats!
  8. I know I'm super excited!! I guess she found the bag for someone else who wanted that color, and that person found the bag some place else.
  9. congrats on ur new bag.. so excited to see pics of it.. hope u love the bag... such a great deal.
  10. :heart: CONGRATS on your find! :heart: My whisky is my absolute favorite bag!

    Anybody know why whisky paddys are on sale? Aren't they continuing whisky into the Fall?
  11. So glad you got it!!!! I am really happy for you!:biggrin: Can't wait to see pics!
  12. Hey all I just got my bag:love: Like I said before the edith was my first Chloe bag, and my was very stiff and boxy like. This bag is soooo soft and's suppost to be like that right:shame: I should know, but I'm still new to Chloes. Does anyone have pictures of theirs that I could see up close? I can't wait to post's such a great bag:love:
  13. I also ment to say that the bag does not weigh as much as I though it would:biggrin: If I had to pick a down side the ONLY thing I liked better about my Edith was that it smelled like heaven!!
  14. YES! Totally normal!!! My paddy is definitely smooshy and squishy- in fact, that is what i love about it! I cannot wait to see pics! Congratulations!!! I hope you love and enjoy your new paddy!
  15. MissJenny, did you decide to keep your Edith? I can't wait to see your whiskey paddy! If I didn't have the whiskey Edith my first choice for the paddington color would have been whiskey!