Hurry!! New Additions To NM Clearance-Kooba,Andrew Marc, Be&D and More

Dec 5, 2006
Weddington, North Carolina
Hi there, I see the Kooba in honey is back on the site (10:24 PST) Oh I hope Judy gets it :woohoo:
dolly....I hope so also!! I saw that she was still online and quickly PMd her(2:17 am) as I was speaking with a NM rep(2nd call tonight). I explained to the lady what I was doing, so she patiently waited while I did that. Anyway, what's strange is that I continued to refresh the NM page until 2:40 am EST and I NEVER saw it return to inventory so I finally went to bed. It's now 3:55 am..I couldn't sleep, so of course I hurry to the computer and see your post (2:25 am) about seeing the Kooba back on the site!!! Why is it that you saw it but I didn't....unless someone swept it up within the 30seconds I waited to refresh the page each time? Gosh...that really bothers me as I only cancelled it so that judy could buy it.
Aug 3, 2007
Dear <!-- google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) -->bagachondriac & <!-- google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) -->dollyrusso<!-- google_ad_section_end -->, thanks so much for being so nice to me. But I didn't see it last night. I thought it would appear today morning so I spent around 2 hr out with my bf last night. :shrugs:Don't know what to say but you girls are really really sweet. And I'm so sorry that I didn't work hard with you on this bag. Maybe it's a punishment to me for being so lazy. Whatever, there're so many attractive bags at NM, there would be a better deal one day.:girlsigh: