Hurry!! New Additions To NM Clearance-Kooba,Andrew Marc, Be&D and More

  1. I can't believe that I was able to complete my order w/o someone else getting the bag before I could complete the checkout process. I bought the Kooba Sloane in both the bark and honey colors because I don't know which one I will like best. Also, I always try to look out for my sister who can't be online as much as I can so she misses these sales.
  2. If you wanna give up either of them, please let me know. I lost them while I was checking out. Maybe I was just 1 second late.:crybaby:
  3. Judy...I only want one! The reason I ordered two (2 sep orders) was because NM is bad about not filling their orders! I have had this happen to me on more than one occasion so I thought perhaps if I ordered two that at least one might be delivered. I prefer the bark over the honey color. How would we go about my letting you get the one I don't want?
  4. thanks!
  5. Does NM have any order transfer service? Or if possible,when you get the bag, just send it to me by UPS C.O.D & freight collect .:confused1:
  6. Aw man, I had the Gryson sophie (in black too!) in my cart and just as I was trying to combine diff codes... someone else bought it. :sad:
  7. The problem with that is it would cost you shipping. I may try to contact NM to ask what we might do.
  8. One other thing judy...because NM has stores in my state, I am charged sales tax. That might not apply to you depending on where you live. The price of one Kooba w/tax was $242.39.
  9. Tax is fine.I'm in CA,they charge 8.25% tax to all my orders. And Im always using my Boss's UPS account so free shipping all the time :p
    Anyway Just talked to the SA. She said you have to cancel the order and the bag will be released right away. Errrr~~well, when you release it or return it, please post the message. I'll keep freshing the page!!:boxing:it's the destiny~~
  10. Problem is if I release it tonight there's no guarantee that I won't receive an email from NM tomorrow telling me that the Sloane in bark wasn't available. Again, remember I said that it's happened to me before...MANY TIMES!! I still don't understand how and why that happens. Either they have the handbags in stock or they don't. I'll have to think on this a while because I seriously don't want to lose out on this bag.
  11. I think it's so nice of you to post these. Twice now, I wouldn't have even known about the additions. It's fun to see what they've put up and the prices amaze me. Thanks! :smile:
  12. Thanks dolly. I've noticed for the past three evenings that they have added bags between 8-11 pm. I was quite surprised earlier this afternoon when at least six new ones were added. With them having possibly only one or two left in a certain brand/style, one needs to check repeatedly I guess. Today, I received my Be&D Dietrich is so beautiful. I'm not quite used to so many studds, but I think for $450 it will be a keeper. :tup:
  13. Hi Judy,

    I just called NM, speaking with a representative who I believe was in their Canadian call center. Seeing that you were online, I thought if I cancelled right now that you would be able to get the Kooba. The lady with whom I spoke said their computers had just gone down, and furthermore she said there was no guarantee that the bag would return to inventory once I cancelled it!!:shrugs: She explained that there might be customers who have this item on backorder at which point my cancellation would go to fill one of those orders!! I never knew that had such a thing...did you? She also said that their shipping dept. is closed on weekends and that my orders wouldn't be filled until Monday. She added that I still might receive an email that either or both bags weren't available. I'm not real sure that she knew what she was talking about. NM has another call center that will start taking calls in a few hours, so I guess I could just call back in the morning. Can you tell me about when you might be online tomorrow so that we could try to coordinate this?