Hurry, Manolo Blahnik at NM

  1. I ordered the 39 this morning. It had been in my shopping bag and then I saw that it was an extra 25% off today. Hopefully it'll actually be shipped out to me. :smile:

    I've noticed with the double straps that they're a bit smaller than usual as my heel hangs off the end of the 38.5 ever so slightly so hopefully the 39 will fit. :smile:

    Still waiting for my "your item has shipped" email from them as with NM and MB deals, you never know if they're really available or not!
  2. Wow! Great deals, thanks for posting!
  3. Received notification this morning that they will be unable to fulfill my order. Typical.
  4. ^^^ just ordered these! I had these bookmarked, but hadn't checked the link in a while. Thanks so much for posting. We'll see if I get a shipping confirmation. Fingers crossed.
  5. Cookiejar and inkny thanks a million for sharing these great deals!! :yahoo::yahoo:

    I placed a few orders....and will keep my fingers crossed the orders come through!

    Thanks sweeties!! :heart::tup: