Hurry.....Large Tracy(chocolate)on sale

  1. I hope someone from tpf gets this. The Large tracy is on sale at Neiman for $830, if I'm not mistaken I remember reading here that someone was looking for this. Goodluck ladies:yahoo:
  2. The Edith Shopper also appeared on NM in ivory for $690. I don't think it was there this morning when I looked.
  3. ali_w, that was probably me you remebered, but I was looking for the Whiskey. I actually have this colour already. Thanks for the heads up! ;)
  4. I thought it may have been you, but I wasn't quite sure:shame:. I will keep an eye out for the the whiskey;)!!
    Since I keep looking for sales when I'm not suppose too:rolleyes: I may come across it.